Diamond Light Source International SPEM Workshop

Theme of the event:
Scanning Photo-Electron Microscopy.
Dates: 20th and 21st March 2014
Held in Main Diamond House Atrium area.

Structure and Time-Table:

The exhibition was held in the main atrium area. Delegates from major research establishments around the world who are concerned with SPEM technology attended various lectures (in one of the DLS Lecture rooms) delivered by senior research scientists.

The SPEM delegates and all interested parties working at the Diamond Harwell Science Campus Site were invited to attend the exhibition during the two day event period.

Science overview:

Diamond Light Source is developing one of it’s special beam – lines I05 for SPEM research. It is termed the ‘Nano – Arpes’ project, a name which is already established in SPEM technology and has established research centre in Soleil Paris, France, Elettra Trieste Italy, and Brookhaven USA.

The ARPES acronym stands for ‘Angle Resolved Photo-Emission Spectroscopy’.

Diamond Workshop Diamond Workshop

Application targets:

This particular platform of science requires special components and positioning equipment to deliver performance in the following areas:-

  • Ultra High Vacuum
  • Cryogenic Sub-Zero Temperature
  • Non Magnetic
  • Non Out-gassing
  • Sub-micron precision to 300nm
  • Long term stability over days
  • Sub-miniature
  • Highly stiff in construction

Micromech Stand:

For this event Micromech featured the specialised positioning products from supply partner PM Bearings in Dedemsvaart Holland. These were also joined by measurement products from Heidenhain GB .

Diamond Workshop Diamond Workshop

An overview is as follows:-

PM Bearings products:

Piezo driven Goniometer stages
Ceramic bearing rails
Piezo Linear Stages ..with driver
X-Y Piezo Stages
Miniature linear bearing slides with 1.5mm roller bearings.
Large Flat Mounted Table bearing
Curved Ringslide bearing
Sub-miniature Gonio bearing rails.

Heidenhain products:

Absolute Linear Encoders LIC2 and LIDA 2
Absolute Linear Encoder LIC4 reading integrity 5 nanometres.
ND280 Read-out Display with 1nm scale range.

Rear Posterboard:

As can be seen in the photographs various CAD drawings of recent special stages were pinned to the poster board.


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