Kollmorgen KSM Safety Solutions Significantly Improve Productivity.

The Kollmorgen KSM completes the motion safety chain from sensor-to-drive.

  • A KSM Motion Safety solution delivers higher productivity.
  • System costs are kept low as standard of-the-shelf components can be used.
  • Modular design provides flexible and expandable safety solutions.
  • Tested and certified by TUV to PLe (ISO 13849) and SIL3 (IEC 61508)
  • Seamless interface with Kollmorgen AKD, ServoStar and motion systems.
  • Modules available to provide all important safety functions.

Safety Functions for PL e and SIL 3

  • Safe Stop Function: STO, SS1, SS2, SOS
  • Safe Velocity Function: SLS, SSM, SSR, SMS
  • Safe Position Function: SLP, SCA, SLI
  • Safe Direction Function: SDI
  • Safe Brake Function: SBC


  • EtherCAT
  • CANopen
  • Profinet
  • PROFIsafe and EtherCAT FSOE slave

Combining KMS with AKD servo drives and other Kollmorgen products, Micromech can help you develop expandable motion systems, which will increase performance and productivity at lower costs.

KSM-compact Safety Module

  • For 1 or 2 safe axes
  • Up to 2 expansion modules
  • Base unit with 16 safe I/O
  • Expandable up to 60 safe I/O
  • 1 safe relay output, expandable
  • 2 pulse outputs, 2 standard outputs
  • Expandable up to 6 pulse and 6 standard
  • Up to 800 function blocks
  • Space-saving, compact design

KSM-modular Safety PLC

  • Up to 12 safe axes
  • Up to 8 expansion modules
  • Base unit with 56 safe I/O
  • Expandable up to 200 safe I/O
  • 1 safe relay output, expandable
  • 2 pulse outputs, up to 10 standard outputs
  • Expandable up to 14 pulse and 22 standard
  • Up to 3000 function blocks
  • For applications with high number of interfaces

Motion Safety – The Concept for Safe Motion

Kollmorgen’s innovative safety technology combines safety logic and drive monitoring in the drive. Conventional safety technology keeps the operator away from areas with hazardous motion but Kollmorgen drives with Motion Safety allow operator intervention without process interruption.

Productivity Gains with Motion Safety

Intelligent Safety functions monitor areas with hazardous motion allowing the machine toeffectively intervene with minimal process interruption. Functions such as safe position (SLP) limit the range of machine motion to ensure that personnel remain safe. Machine zones that do not pose risk to the operator remain running. The diagram opposite shows the gain in productivity. It can be seen from the yellow line that with Kollmorgen Motion Safety technology, production continues during user intervention

Micromech – Your Skilled Partner for Safe Motion Control Solutions

Choose Micromech as your motion control partner for assistance specifying Kollmorgen safety logic, servo drives and motors and complete safe automation solutions.

Contact Micromech on 01376 333313 or email sales@micromech.co.uk


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