The perfect solution for countless difficult applications, SKA ARC Circular Linear Motors by Motor Power Company ……Just use a little imagination

MPC SKA ARC Circular Linear Motors

SKA ARC circle linear motors employ iron core direct drive technology to accomplish circular movements on a fixed arc, up to 360° complete rotations.

Motion can be moving coil and fixed magnetic base, or moving magnets and fixed coil which is generally used in systems with rotation higher than 360°

The modular design of each SKA ARC element allows multiple units on a single magnetic track. Final torque is directly proportional to the number of modules used.

SKA ARC circular linear motors are available in three configurations providing flexibility and versatility.

  • Three coils mounted outside the magnetic track.
  • Three coils mounted inside the magnetic track.
  • Six coils, three coils inside and three outside the magnetic track.

Features and benefits:

As with all SKA series linear motors, SKA ARC motors feature all characteristic advantages of direct drive technology:

  • Replace all transmission components (including gearboxes, ballscrews, racks, belts and pulleys).
  • Reduce/eliminate backlash, friction and inertia.
  • Improved reliability.
  • Improved precision.
  • Reduced noise levels.
  • Simplify machine design and assembly.
  • Compact design.
  • Save energy and reduce running costs.
  • Increased MTBF.
  • Complete mechanical integration inside the motor arc.
  • Improved dynamics.
  • High levels of accuracy.

The direct drive technology, used in the SKA ARC curve profile allows to reach high toque values with reduced encumbrances.

Modular design allows the addition coils to be fitted to increase torque yet still be powered by a single drive and transducer.

SKA ARC application field examples include:

● Robotics ● Rotary tables ● Tool machines ● Material Handling ● Packing machines ● Carousels ● Packaging
● Beverage machines ● Telecommunications ● Radar ● Defence ● Inertial platforms ● Accelerometers

For further information on this exciting and versatile product please call our technical help desk on 01376 333333 or email


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