Micromech Motion Control System Solutions

In addition to supplying the most extensive range of motion control equipment in the UK, Micromech provides a comprehensive motion systems service ranging from simple modifications to motors, to multi axis control systems, including software, installation, commissioning, small machines and after sales service.

Motion Control System Solutions

Our systems are found in food production, medical, pharmaceutical, research, nuclear, printing, packaging, automotive, construction materials, photonics and the plastics industry.

Motion Control SystemsSuccess with systems integration is achieved due to the expertise of our engineers who have many years’ experience in electronics, electrical and software design, as well as panel building and mechanical design.

Motion Control Systems

Micromech Systems can supply a bespoke solution to meet all of your motion control needs, for more information contact Richard Matthews on 01376 333317 or richard@micromech.co.uk

‘Micromech Systems for Motion Integration’

Kollmorgen servo drive single cable technology from Micromech:

Kollmorgen introduced single cable technology ten years ago and has now extends this to the AKM series servo motors as standard.

Kollmorgen Servo Drive Single CableFeatures and Benefits:

  • As motor power and encoder signals are physically transmitted via one cable, one cable is eliminated saving the cost of two connectors and a cable for each motor.
  • Installation and commissioning times are reduced plus less space for cabling is required e.g. smaller drag chains.
  • Monitoring of the electronic nameplate and temperature sensor in the motor is integrated within the SFD (Smart Feedback Device) via the digital position feedback, also without additional cabling work.
  • AKM motors are equipped with a two-pole hollow-shaft resolver. When combined with the AKD servo controller with digital resolver SFD3 interface, high-resolution Hiperface/DSL absolute encoders are available as an option. This facility can be utilised without needing to change the cable.
  • One cable for everything means fewer warehousing costs, reduced variance in material planning and documentation.

In some instances single cable technology may initially appear marginally more expensive, this being due to the specialist nature of the cable and connectors which must combine power and encoder signals and therefore include measures to shield the low voltage encoder signals from the high motor power. However overall savings are highly significant. The greatest benefit of single-cable technology is gained in machines with multiple axes that are spread out around the machine and require long cable lengths.

More details on single cable technology and SFD can be found at:


Alternatively contact our technical sales desk on 01376 333333 where our engineers will be pleased to assist you with your application.

New From Parker and available from Micromech: R Series Iron Core Motors. A cost effective linear motor delivering high forces and smooth operation.

Micromech is pleased to be able to offer the new the R-Series Ironcore linear motor from Parker Hannifin Electromechanical Division. Offering forces ranging from 40 N continuous up to 7433 N peak, these new motors are suitable for demanding applications in sectors such as print, medical, machining and machine tools.

R-Series Ironcore motors offer the highest possible force available per unit volume compared to other motor technologies available. In addition, Parker’s anti-cogging technology provides ultra-smooth operation.
The series is available in four sizes each delivering high forces across a wide range of speeds up to 7 m/s.

Parker R Series


  • Patented anti-cogging technology delivers smooth operation making Ironcore motors perfect for accurate, precise or sensitive applications.
  • Innovative and simple design reduces moving parts and component wear, extending the machine life and reducing potential warranty costs.
  • Flexible and scalable force characteristics means you don’t incur costs for unnecessary load capacity
  • Highly modular magnetic tracks offer unrestricted travel lengths for engineering flexibility

For assistance specifying the ideal R series motor for your application, contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk.