Ringslides RPM Xtrm for precision in rotary & angular motion

PM Bearings introduces a new family to their existing ringslide type RPM. As per the existing range they have added the RPM Xtrm with 2, 3 and 4 meters of diameter. This can be used for angular precision motion and all types can be combined together also for 360 degrees motion with the same high precision RPM Xtrm ringslide series. A new bearing family for precision rotary and angular motion enable the user to take higher trust and moment loadings while guaranteeing high precision, longer service lifetime and very low coefficient of friction. Special design with driving gears or Piezo technology, special attachment holes can be supplied to meet custom needs.

Ringslide RPM Xtrm Features

  • Field tuning
  • Very compact design
  • All metal design
  • Extreme smooth operation
  • Simple and quick installation

Technical Specifications

  • RPM Xtrm 6 precision ringslides
  • offers an repeatability by the same operation conditions ❤ micron
  • are available in sizes 2, 3 and 4 meters OD
  • are standard supplied in normal quality with max. 10 microns deviation in parallelism of the two raceways
  • can operate by temperatures -20o Celcius up to +80oCelcius
  • need to be lubricated with oil CLP DIN 51519 (viscosity between ISO-VG 15 and ISO-VG 100)
  • can be made to custom print or specifications
  • are made from stainless 1.4034 and through-hardened at 56 +/- 2 Hrc
  • need a minimum of lubrication
  • are supplied with light preload
  • are high precision components and need to be handled with extreme care
  • offer unexcelled running performance, long service life and are easy to assemble
  • are very compact

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