Versatile linear actuators to make life easy

The Isel ballscrew driven LF series linear actuators are available in three sizes, two of which have a twin bearing rails/carriages and using standard mounting brackets allow every conceivable XY or XYZ configuration in the varying sizes to be achieved.

They are available with integrated belt drives or direct drive motors, stepper or servo can be fitted and the LF5 or LF6 allow the belt drive variant to be mounted between the linear slides inside the aluminium profile thus making a compact, aesthetically good assembly.
The anodised aluminium profile is W 225 x H 75 mm, W 150 x H 75 mm or 75mm square and available in stroke lengths of up to 2930mm; the profile edges are sealed with an abrasive – resistant covering. Clamping surfaces and profile bases are all plane milled.

Aluminium die-cast end plates are prepared either for flange-mounted direct drive modules or lateral belt drive modules, the slide blocks are also aluminium 2 x 70 mm long or 200 mm long, clearance free adjustable and with central lubrication.

The ball screw pitches can be 2.5/4/5/10/20 mm and the carriages sit on four (two on LF4) precision steel shafts Ø 12 h6, material Cf53, hardness 60 ± 2 HRC, the driving collar is steel fitted with sealed angular contact ball bearings.

Black powder-coated aluminium profile is an option, also are electromagnetic brakes, limit switches to give repeatability of ± 0.02 mm and asteel slide block assembly kit for limit switches.

The flexibility and performance of the LF series actuators make them ideal for machine tool and high duty applications.

For more information on these products contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

‘Affordable Automation’


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