The Sigma-5 Large Capacity Motors and SERVOPACKs extend the power range to up to 55 kW.

This is the strongest Sigma-5 line-up ever, now available from Yaskawa! The new Sigma-5 servo drives increase speeds, improves performance with cleaner, lighter and more compact equipment. They are easy to use and easy to set up with the usual Sigma-5 high standard of excellence.

Best in the class, the Sigma-5 servo system fits in motion applications demanding high capacity motors, high accuracy, fast positioning and perfect multi-axis synchronisation. Its compact design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications such as presses, rotary cutters, inject moulding machines, machine tools or wire saws, where high torque is required.

Yaskawa Large Sigma 5

The Servopacks and Converter SGDV have a power supply voltage of 400V AC Voltage as standard giving available power of 22 to 55 kW Standard. The command interface options are analogue voltage, pulse train reference or a fieldbus command option card.

The servomotors SGMVV are as standard 1500 rpm (max speed 2000rpm) giving 22 to 55 kW, the encoder is high resolution 20-bit and there is an option of a 24V DC holding brake.

The Sigma-5 Large capacity can be combined with the Standard Sigma-5 options like advanced safety card, feedback cards and fieldbus options. Therefore this possibility offers the same flexibility with EtherCAT, ProfiNet, Powerlink, CANopen and Devicenet.

The Sigma-5 Large Capacity components can be ordered today and be available from stock in February 2014.

Micromech is the UK distributor and systems integrator for Yaskawa motion products, for more information contact Stirling on 01376 333333 or

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Meet the Team – Alex Papachristou

Micromech is delighted to welcome Alex Papachristou who joined our technical applications team in September… are a few words of introduction from Alex himself:

Alex PapachristouHi, I’m Alex. I joined Micromech at the beginning of September in the role of applications engineer. I am originally from Greece where I studied in Mech. Industrial Engineering

A friend of mine once said about me that I have burning coils in my pants, which is like saying that I can’t stay inactive!

This may explain my urge for further studying for an MSc in Design and Manufacturing 8years after my previous studies or my infinite impulse to understand everything in life, For example how different people react to each other or how a servo motor can be used efficiently and cleverly.

For this reason joining Micromech seemed a perfect choice. My role is to fully understand the nature of the problems our clients have. Then working closely with them fine the best possible solution both technically and financially for their application.
In my free time I relax by taking landscape or b/w street photographs. When I was a bit younger I enjoyed enduro and camping in the mountains but now in my old age (3*!) I am more aware of the dangers and rely on simple cycling which is safer, healthier and more nature friendly!

Alex Papachristou.

NEW: Reliable, Cost Effective Parker Actuators from Micromech.

Parker Electromechanical has added the 401XE to the high quality cost effective XE range of precision ballscrew driven linear actuators.

In addition parallel motor mounts are now offered across the full XE range.

Parker 401XE

The new 401 XE is Parker’s smallest ball screw driven offering, measuring just 30 mm in width by 15 mm in height. Its design is based on the same mono-carrier construction as the popular 402 and 403 XE models.

The 401 XE is perfect for applications requiring a high-precision, compact yet robust actuator. It is constructed from a rugged steel body with an integrated precision ball screw and bearing guide. This provides a highly accurate, cost-effective range of stages with long service life.

To make the full XE range more versatile, Parker is also now offering parallel motor mounts for the series. The parallel motor mount allows an instrument builder to maximise the amount of stroke per unit length of the actuator.

Potential applications for the 401 XE stage include:

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Hard disk
  • Semiconductor
  • Medical
  • Life science
  • Machine building
  • Instruments performing diagnostic testing on biological samples

For more information and assistance in specifying this excellent product for your application, please contact Micromech sales on 01376 333333 or Email