Ultra quiet TRINAMIC ‘stealthChop’ Stepping Motor Drive ICs from Micromech…

TRINAMIC Motion Control, have unveiled its latest patent pending technology for stepper motors. Named stealthChop, the new technology significantly reduces the noise of conventional stepper motor operation.

Trinamic Stepping Motor Drive

Excessive stepper motor noise is unacceptable in many applications. Continuous noise of individual stepper motors in a laboratory environment for example may be distracting, and the din from hundreds of stepper motors in an industrial environment can be deafening.

Limited noise is particularly desirable in applications in close proximity to human operators, in applications where multiple stepper motors are used, in video surveillance applications where installations near walls and ceilings amplify noise, and in consumer applications, like home automation and air conditioning, where users expect minimal noise.

TRINAMIC have perfected a commutation system for lower step frequencies that reduces noise. In addition it is self tuning, easy to use and includes an automated switch for transition to higher frequencies. Devices with new stealthChop technology have achieved measured noise levels 10 dB below traditional stepper motor drive ICs.

For further information on this exciting product please call our technical help desk on 01376 333333 or email tech@micromech.co.uk

New products available from Eltra

EH – 80 PU
Incremental Encoder

  • For medium size AC servomotor
  • Universal electronic
  • Adaptable to the diameter of the shaft
  • Wide resolution range available
  • Extremely versatile
Eltra EH - 80 PU
AF - 35 AF – 35
Incremental Optical Encoder
with Hall effect phases

  • For brushless motors
  • Maximum reliability
  • Cost effective: the best price/quality relationship of the market
  • High resolution
  • Easy mounting
EH – 50
Incremental Encoder

  • Suitable for smaller size motors due to its reduced dimensions
  • Highly integrated optical ASIC
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide temperature range
  • Extremely versatile
Eltra EH 50
Eltra EAM 36 EAM – 36
Self-powered Absolute Encoder 

  • Battery- and gear-less, since based on the Wiegand system technology
  • Absolute positioning
  • Compact size
  • Extremely solid, suitable for heavy applications

Standard Gantry Robots from Parker and Micromech working in Partnership.

Custom gantries comprising standard components for a vast range of applications.

Using standard components from Parker’s extensive product range, custom gantries can be specified and constructed quickly and easily.

This method enables gantry kits to be pre assembled and tested prior to delivery to your site reducing possible installation issues and costly delays.

The modular approach also allows short deliveries and very competitive pricing.

Parker Standard Gantry Robots

A flexible solution to suit both experienced machine builders and end users that may need additional technical support.

Micromech can provide as much or as little as you require:

From a basic gantry robot kit comprising XY and Z actuators with joining brackets, limit switches, cable chain, motors and drives to a complete solution with rotary axis, custom gripper, support framework, full control and safety system, installation and commissioning.

We can also provide 3D cad models to assist with your design and plant layout.

Parker Standard Gantry Robots

For further information or to arrange a site visit to assess your application please contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk