New Addition to Isel’s LEZ belt driven actuator range available now from Micromech

The new LEZ9 belt driven linear actuator features a modular set-up suitable for quick positioning in automation and machine handling applications.

Due to their robust, rigid extruded aluminium construction they are primarily suited to applications where work pieces need to be processed or transported.

Isel Actuator LEZ 9 The LEZ series actuator utilises patented shaft slides with ball races to guide and support the carriages. They can also be supplied with a number of options of motor drive units as well as special connecting brackets, allowing various combinations including cross, H, and multi-axle configurations.


 Backlash-free feed with belt drive
 Aluminium profile, Linear guide LFS-8-7
 Toothed belt with 3 mm pitch, width 15 mm
 Repeat accuracy less or equal ± 0.2 mm
 Feed max. 2 m/s
 Shaft slide WS 11/70
 Feed per return: 60 mm
 Inductive limit switches

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Kollmorgen’s new hygienic stainless steel linear actuators

The new Kollmorgen IP69K stainless steel range of actuators comprising an AKMH servo motor and linear actuator is perfect for hygienic applications requiring extensive cleaning such lifting units, format adjustment and food processing with food contact in packaging, food and pharmaceutical industries.

This compact motion package is available in 4 sizes and 3 different versions, inline and reverse parallel mounting.

Main Benefits:

  • Improved overall equipment effectiveness due to greatly reduced cleaning times.
  • Single cable solution allows easy machine installation and quick commissioning.
  • Extremely reliable due to rugged IP69K construction, even with frequent high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning.
  • Compact space saving design.
  • Hygienic design to EHEDG and FDA guidelines reduces risk of food recall
  • Reduced cleaning times without compromising on performance and space
  • High level of product safety ensured in accordance with USDA, 3A, NSF requirements

More options in hygienic machine design

Four sizes with variable strokes up to 1000 mm, centralised or decentralised connection technology, encoder and brake options. Various options to allow the perfect hygienic linear actuator configuration.

TRINAMIC launch the TCM5130 Stepper Motion Control IC with Integrated MOSFET Motor Drive

The TCM5130 delivers 46V / 2.5A (Peak) performance, which is suitable for driving, motors NEMA 11 to NEMA 23. In addition the TCN5130 is the first low cost monolithic IC to boast Trinamic’s patented ‘stealthChop™’ technology for exceptionally quiet, vibration free operation in a QFP48 (7mm x 7mm) package.

Trinamic TCM5130The TMC5130 with stealthChop™ technology is ideally suited for laboratory, office automation and other applications where machinery is located close to operators. Such environments often require noise to be strictly limited and the TCM5130 operates at a noise level 10dB below standard motor drive IC’s when using stealthChop™

Connected to a host microcontroller through an industry standard SPI or step/direction interface, the TMC5130 performs all real-time position and velocity stepper motion calculations, while its integrated low-power MOSFET directly drives stepper motor coil currents.

The TMC5130 implements Trinamic’s patented sixPoint™ jolt-minimising ramp generation profile. This profile utilises two different settings during both the acceleration and deceleration phases, which minimises motion ‘jerk’ and delivers smoother motor operation. The sixPoint ramp profile also enables motor torque to be more closely matched to an application’s requirement, producing velocity-optimised maximum acceleration times.

Application development, prototyping, design optimisation and time-to-market are all improved with Trinamic’s intuitive PC-based software development kit and TMC5130 evaluation board.

For further information on the TMC5130 please call our technical help desk on 01376 333333 or email