New Addition to Isel’s LEZ belt driven actuator range available now from Micromech

The new LEZ9 belt driven linear actuator features a modular set-up suitable for quick positioning in automation and machine handling applications.

Due to their robust, rigid extruded aluminium construction they are primarily suited to applications where work pieces need to be processed or transported.

Isel Actuator LEZ 9 The LEZ series actuator utilises patented shaft slides with ball races to guide and support the carriages. They can also be supplied with a number of options of motor drive units as well as special connecting brackets, allowing various combinations including cross, H, and multi-axle configurations.


 Backlash-free feed with belt drive
 Aluminium profile, Linear guide LFS-8-7
 Toothed belt with 3 mm pitch, width 15 mm
 Repeat accuracy less or equal ± 0.2 mm
 Feed max. 2 m/s
 Shaft slide WS 11/70
 Feed per return: 60 mm
 Inductive limit switches

For more details call Micromech sales on 01376 333333 or email


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