Exciting New Addition to Our Product Range!

We are pleased to now offer a range of high quality Stepper Motor Leadscrews from Thomson.

Stepper motor leadscrews from Thomson comprise a hybrid stepper motor and a precision lead screw in one neat compact package. Applications with a lead screw and motor would normally require external bearing support for the lead screw and a drive coupling between the motor and lead screw. Stepper motor leadscrews include integrated bearing support at one end and eliminate the need for a coupling providing a stiffer connection with the load and a more economical, space saving solution.

Thomson Stepper Motor Leadscrews

Sizes and Configurations
Stepper motor leadscrews are available in two basic configurations, rotating screw (S) and rotating nut (N), and a wide range of sizes and options including:

Motor sizes: Nema 11, 14, 17 and 23

Leadscrews: Metric 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm
Imperial 0.188”, 0.250”, 0.313” and 0.374”
Various pitches, lengths and end details are available

Special versions are available on request.

Rotating Screw Option (S)
Rotating screw assemblies have an external lead nut which attaches to the load. Linear motion is achieved when the motor rotates the leadscrew thus moving the nut and load.

Thomson Stepper MotorThomson’s rotating screw design features a patent-pending Taper-Lock design to connect the lead screw to the motor shaft.
This allows for field serviceability and reduced inventory. It is highly suited for applications requiring high levels of maintenance, which may include frequent disassembly and re assembly or where easy removal of the lead screw is necessary. The Taper-Lock design allows quick de-coupling of the lead screw from the stepper motor. The connection is secure, robust, and self-aligning.

Rotating Nut Option (N)Thomson Stepper Motor
Rotating nut assemblies have an internal lead nut. When rotated the leadscrew moves through the motor body. Linear motion is achieved by attaching the load to the leadscrew.

The rotating nut design features Thomson’s patent-pending integration of the lead nut into the motor rotor to maximise screw diameter therefore increasing load capacity. It is suited for applications where no visible rotation is desired or where it is necessary to translate a load on either side of the motor.

Higher Torque Density
Thomson stepper motor lead screws have a higher torque density than alternative solutions currently on the market. Optimising the motor performance and matching with the ideal lead screw and nut design results in an increase in load capacity of up to 30% within the same motor footprint.

Quiet Operation
Motor configuration and windings can be optimised to limit motor harmonics and reduce motor noise at your application operating parameters.

Example applications for Thomson stepper motor lead screws:

Rotating Screw
Ideal for applications requiring precise linear motion with dedicated external supports such as linear bearings or profile rails such as:

  • Medical devices
  • X-Y stages
  • 3D printers

Rotating Nut
Ideal for applications requiring precise linear motion with integrated anti rotation.
Examples includes:

  • Fluid/syringe pumps
  • HVAC control valves
  • Pipetting devices
  • CNCs

For help in specifying a product for your application call Micromech sales on 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk

Click here to view the Thomson’s stepper motor leadscrew catalogue

Increase your machines output with a control system upgrade from Micromech.

Micromech (Systems Division)
In addition to supplying and supporting cutting edge electro mechanical products from some of the biggest names in motion control, Micromech’s System division has 26 years of experience in machine upgrading.

Machine UpgradeA machine upgrade will give your machine a new lease of life and provide the following benefits:

  • Dramatically decreased cycle times
  • Improved accuracy
  • Less scrap
  • Improved reliability and minimise down time
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Improved safety in line with the latest directives
  • Quieter operation
  • Easier to set up with one of latest HMI panels with bespoke intuitive software

Our systems division engineers are experts in producing bespoke motion control systems. From standard single axis stepper and servo systems to multi axis systems with HMI or PC front ends, we provide a comprehensive machine upgrade service.

A typical machine upgrade service includes:Machine Upgrade

  • Full on site machine assessment
  • Sizing and specification of all components ensuring optimum performance and cost effectiveness.
  • Provision of accurate quotation and full design specification, including risk assessment.
  • Mechanical adaptation of motors, gearboxes, electric actuators and cylinders etc.
  • Control system design and build in an enclosure to suit your machine or integrated directly into your machine.
  • Full mechanical and electrical installation. This can be carried out at our premises or yours.
  • New application software for motion, machine control and HMI
  • Commissioning, manual and CE documentation.

Recent testomonials:

“I have had a long relationship with Micromech and always found them friendly, helpful and ready to turn an idea into a reality by listening to what is required, then by us working together bringing that idea to fruition. Special thanks go to Mick Stone and Mark Hall together with Dave Whitmell and Phil Farnworth who not only create fine workmanship but also brilliant entertainment.”

“Micromech is a company in which you can trust. Since 2005 Micromech is a good supplier of Nortemecánica.”

“It was a pleasure working with Micromech throughout our project. Stirling, Mick and everyone else we dealt with were very professional, but also very flexible and friendly. We always felt we were getting good advice and good service.”

Our Suppliers include:

Machine Upgrade

For all motion control and automation requirements: Call our sales team on 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk

Simplify your machine design and save money with Kollmorgen direct drive technology…KBM frameless kit brushless motors are available from Micromech.

What is direct drive technology?
With direct drive technology a torque motor is coupled directly to the driven load. This provides a very stiff mechanical connection to the load, eliminating problems associated with couplings, belts and gearboxes.

Kollmorgen KBM
KBM™ Series frameless kit brushless motors are designed to be embedded in your machine. The rotor is supported by machine’s own bearings.
A large selection of standard motors are available or alternatively a bespoke solution incorporating your specific modifications can quickly and cost-effectively create a an exact fit motor which will provide the highest performance and longest life in the most compact space.
Designs, which include special winding configurations, tailored mounting features, diameter and stack length dimensional adjustments, or material variations, are all possible.

Simplified Machine Design.
With a Kollmorgen KBM Solution from Micromech, your machine design is simplified. Noisy mechanical transmissions are eliminated as are the performance limitations associated them.

The direct coupling of a torque motor to a load provides improvements to a machine, unachievable with a more compliant mechanical transmission. Furthermore, expensive maintenance is greatly reduced as the need to adjust belts or pulleys or to lubricate gearboxes is eliminated.

Direct drive frameless vs Conventional Motor Systems
Conventional servo systems with mechanical transmissions limit servo performance and reliability. Typically designs consume more space due to use of transmissions, belt / pulley arrangements and couplings. Additionally maintenance is more extensive. This all adds unnecessary machine down time and costs.

Integration Costs

  • Positional inaccuracies from transmission compliance
  • Mounting and alignment of gearbox / belt / bracket
  • Servo tuning difficulties caused by compliance and backlash
  • Pulley installation and tensioning
  • Oversize motor for inertia matching
  • Extra components – clutch, output shaft feedback device
  • Motor / gearbox mounting Bracket
  • Purchasing and BOM
  • Inventory and Inspection
  • Coordinate multiple lead times

Life Cycle Costs

  • Machine maintenance
  • Belt tensioning and replacement
  • Gearbox lubrication and replacement
  • Increasing backlash due to wearing gears
  • Costs to support field failures
  • Unscheduled down time
  • Belt breakage
  • Belt slippage
  • Gearbox failure
  • Reduced throughput due to compliance and settling

Micromech engineers have assisted many of our customers with specification of a KBM frameless motor solution. Contact us for further information on the wide variety of pre-engineered options and configurations available or send us your exact requirements for a custom solution for your application.

Tel 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk.