Universally Cool Power supplies now available from Micromech.

If you are looking for a high quality, compact power supply take a look at the Cabur XCSW Universal and XCSF Cool Power ranges from Micromech.

The CSF Cool Power PSU is a low cost single phase unit packed with features to rival far more expensive power supplies. Suitable for I/O, general control, DC, brushless and stepper drives.

Cabur Main Features include:

  • 12vdc and 80vdc output models available
  • 90…264 Vac single phase and 110…370 Vdc input
  • Adjustable output voltage.
  • Din rail mounting.
  • Very high power density.
  • Meets all requirements of the new EN 60204-1 machinery directive
  • Threshold alarm contact provides warning should the voltage drop below 90% of the rated value.
  • Very high efficiency reducing energy consumption and operating temperature allowing use in small panels in high ambient conditions.
  • Capable of supplying current and voltage at 50% above rated levels for 30 seconds ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Protected output preventing dangerous voltages which may damage powered components in the event of internal faults.
  • Thermal protection prevents faults in the event of prolonged overloads at high ambient temperatures.
  • Many versions in sock at Micromech.

Cabur XCSWThe XCSW Universal Power PSU also comes packed with features and accepts single phase, two phase and three phase for added flexability. Suitable for Industrial automation, process control, DC, brushless and stepper drives.

Main Features include:

  • Various input options eliminate the need for a transformer: 1, 2 and 3 phase 187-550Vac
  • Very high power density.
  • Very high efficiency reducing energy consumption and operating temperature allowing use in small panels in high ambient conditions.
  • Capable of supplying voltage at 50% above the rated voltage for 5 seconds ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Starting currents 150% above the rated value for heavy loads; thermal protection prevents failures in the event of prolonged overloads at high ambient temperatures.

For more information on Cabur PSUs call Micromech sales on 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk

Exciting Addition to Our Extensive Range of Small Motors!

If you can’t find the right motor for your machine, take a look at modified and custom Nippon Pulse motors from Micromech.

In addition to the huge range of standard Nippon Pulse Motors offered by Micromech further options are available including modifications to standard motors and full bespoke motors produced solely for your application.

Modified Standard Motors

A vast range of over 380 standard Nippon Pulse motors can be customised to provide the perfect solution for your aplication.

Nippon Custom MotorsModifications include:

  • Custom windings
  • Pinions
  • Custom flanges
  • Long lead screws
  • Additional bearings
  • Connectors

Many other custom options are available on request, just give us a call.

Custom Motors

Nippon Custom

Bespoke high precision multi axis positioning stages from Micromech:

Micromech has been working in partnership with Netherlands based company PM bearings for over six years. Together we have been providing micro and nanometric positioning systems to UK companies covering a wide range of industries.

Working with PM Bearings we strive to provide the optimum solution for precision positioning applications.

Core competence lies in the development, manufacture and integration of linear bearings, guidance systems, and mechatronic nano-positioning (vacuum) modules.

We have developed and produce bespoke systems for customers in the semiconductor, aerospace, medical and research industries as well as for the analytical and optical markets. In addition to our standard range of precision bearings and stages, over 50% of our products are custom designed and manufactured in-house.

Micro and nanopositioning using piezo:

PM BearingsThe demand for complex, high-precision linear systems is continually increasing worldwide. Specialists such as PM-Bearings therefore continue to develop in this area and create customised solutions in the field of piezo technology.

The design of each high-precision linear system or positioning table begins with the selection of the mechanical and electrical components that make up the final system.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration that influnce a system design and lead to the highest possible accuracy and repeatability. Factors include bearing type, materials and surface treatment, stiffness and stability of the system, encoder type, style of assembly, etc.

PM BearingsFurthermore, in order to design and build the optimum system it is essential to understand the environment in which the system is to ultimately work. Quite often measurements made during clean room assembly and test are found to deviate when the system is placed in its final operating location. When it comes to high accurate positioning stages, factors that apply outside a clean room environment are often overlooked.

PM BearingsYears of experience in the field of high precision positioning have taught PM-Bearings engineers the importance of environmental factors that must be considered during the design phase. Temperature of the working environment and the preload on the rails must be taken into account. Temperature differences (even body temperature) can cause deviations in high-precision systems affecting its characteristics.

The piezoelectric motors (an electro-mechanical drive system that converts the limited movement of a piezoelectric element into an unlimited translational motion) employed in a PM piezo positioning stage enable a backlash free linear motion with nanometer accuracy. The PM-Bearings Piezo positioning stages (available as plug-and-play) are equipped with an optical encoder with resolutions down to 10 nanometers.

PM BearingsFor further information or to arrange a visit to discuss a PM Bearings solution for your application, please call our technical applications team on 01376 333333 Or Email technical@micromech.co.uk

Standard Gantry Robots from Parker and Micromech working in Partnership.

Custom gantries comprising standard components for a vast range of applications.

Using standard components from Parker’s extensive product range, custom gantries can be specified and constructed quickly and easily.

This method enables gantry kits to be pre assembled and tested prior to delivery to your site reducing possible installation issues and costly delays.

The modular approach also allows short deliveries and very competitive pricing.

Parker Standard Gantry Robots

A flexible solution to suit both experienced machine builders and end users that may need additional technical support.

Micromech can provide as much or as little as you require:

From a basic gantry robot kit comprising XY and Z actuators with joining brackets, limit switches, cable chain, motors and drives to a complete solution with rotary axis, custom gripper, support framework, full control and safety system, installation and commissioning.

We can also provide 3D cad models to assist with your design and plant layout.

Parker Standard Gantry Robots

For further information or to arrange a site visit to assess your application please contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk