Yaskawa Sigma 7

Yaskawa launches brand new servo drive and motor package: SIGMA 7 series. This exciting new product is available now from Micromech.

Yaskawa Sigma 7Yaskawa

The Sigma 7 Series includes:

  • Rotary servos
  • Linear servos
  • Direct drive servos

This extensive range covers all market demands:

  • Compact size
  • High dynamics
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Flexible connectivity

YASKAWA has improved the tuning-free function of the Sigma 7 even further. Reliable operation is assured without the need to adjust gains. Therefore a machine can run free from vibrations even with a inertia-to-load ratios of 30:1.

The system also operates reliably with dynamic load changes. The tuning functions of the Sigma-5 series have also been significantly improved and allow time-saving start-up.

Sigma-7 servo drives comply with the latest standards for functional safety. They are certified for SIL 3, PL-e Category 3 for Stop and Category 0 (Safe Torque Off). Optionally, functions like stop categories 1 (SS1) and 2 (SS2) as well as Safely Limited Speed (SLS) are available.

Sigma-7 motors provide the high efficiency of Sigma-5 motors in a smaller package. The motor length has been reduced by up to 20% compared to motors with same capacity, and heat generation is now significantly reduced. The motors with their extremely high resolution of 24 bit fulfil the highest requirements of constant velocity and precision.

Features and benefits

The Sigma Series of Servo Drives has now evolved into Sigma-7, providing the ultimate servo package in seven key areas and the optimal solution that only YASKAWA can offer.

  • Comprehensive Motor and Amplifier Power Range inc:
    Very compact motors from 50W to 15kW.
    Linear motors iron core and ironless with a peak force up to 7560N.
  • Savings through Performance:
    Lower production costs:
    Speed loop bandwidth of 3.1 kHz.
    Shorter settling time, reduced positioning time, higher throughput.

    Energy savings and higher productivity:
    High peak torque, fast acceleration and no amplifier over sizing.
    Lightweight mechanics.
    No additional cooling necessary:
    Ambient temperature -5 – 55 °C (max. 60 °C with de rating)

    Higher performance:
    Overload 350% for 3 – 5 seconds.
    High peak torque, fast acceleration.

  • Safety Features:
    Smooth integration of mandatory legal safety standards:
    STO function is implemented by default in all Sigma-7 servo amplifiers.
    Safer machines: Sigma-7 satisfies the requirements of SIL 3 and PL-e.
    The safety functions SS1, SS2 and SLS are integrated by using the safety module SGDV-OSA01A
  • High Efficiency:
    Very low heat generation:
    Optimised magnetic circuit improves motor efficiency.
    Improved motor efficiency reduces heat generation by about 20%.
  • High Accuracy:
    Next level 24-bit absolute encoder for maximum accuracy:
    Resolution of 16 million pulses per revolution for extremely precise positioning.
  • Impressive System Performance:
    Very high precision teamed up with fast, smooth operation:
    Ripple compensation for highest demands in smoothness and dynamics.
    Even for machines for which speed loop gains cannot be set high.
  • Outstanding Reliability:
    Even more reliability for your production:
    Over 9,000,000 servo systems in service.
    Greater machine reliability, reduced service and maintenance costs, less downtime.

For assistance specifying a Sigma 7 solution for your application, contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk

Parker ETT Electric Tubular Motor

The Parker ETT Electric Tubular Motor is a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to pneumatic cylinders. The ETT is ideal for applications requiring greater flexibility and control.

Parker ETT Electric Tubular Motor


The ETT electric tubular motor from Parker is a direct thrust linear motor actuator, ideally suited as a replacement or alternative to pneumatic cylinder in wide variety of linear handling and pick & place applications.

The ETT’s linear motion is directly generated and free from ball screws, belts and/or gearboxes/gears and associated problems.

The IP67 protection class makes the ETT tubular motor suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions.

The ETT combines the functionality of a linear motor, an electric cylinder and a pneumatic cylinder and is ideal for applications where these products are frequently used.

Suitable for used in a wide range of applications:

The ETT is perfect for packaging applications, material handling, food, pharmaceutical & beverage and factory automation.


  • Simple mechanical integration.
  • Flexible mounting.
  • High energy efficiency and reduced maintenance.
  • Improved reliability and increased mechanical life.
  • Used in “clean” environments.
  • Fewer mechanical components.
  • Reduced installation costs.
  • Excellent control and dynamic positioning.
Parker ETT
  • Rod: Stainless steel AISI 304 shaft with NdFeB magnets, available in 3 different diameters 12,16 and 25 mm.
  • Coil: Class H motor coils, with three-phase standard brushless design with 1000 V of winding insulation.
  • Feedback: Sin/Cos analogue feedback 1 Vpp as standard. Other types of feedback like BISS-C, digital A/B TTL line-drive incremental are also available.
  • Connectivity: Single rotating connector for power and position feedback except sizes 32 and 50, which have 2 separate connectors.
    The smallest frame size has flying leads.

For assistance specifying the right ETT cylinder for your application, contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk.