Unique new stepping motors with integrated drives and EtherCat from RTA…Buy now from Micromech.

RTA Mini Step Stepper Drive

This new and innovative stepping motor from RTA features an integrated mini step stepper drive, incremental encoder and EtherCat connectivity providing a complete basic motion control system in one very neat package.

The HI-MOD ET motor comes in 34 frame size. The compact drive is housed in a metal enclosure mounted on the rear of the motor and includes connectors for all electrical interfacing for ease of installation.

Key Features:

  • EtherCat communications.
  • Profile, Position and CSP modes of operation.
  • Various homing routine options.
  • Input for proximity sensors.
  • Motor current overboost.
  • Intelligent management of the current profile.
  • 32-75vdc operating range.
  • Protection against:
    • Under and over voltage.
    • Motor output short circuit.
    • Over temperature.
  • Electronic damping facility providing excellent noise and vibration reduction.
  • Homing command.
  • Motor stall and position error feedback via integrated incremental encoder.

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