Tied to Siemens motors? Not anymore! Now there’s a choice, Kollmorgen AKM motors with Drive CLiQ encoders.

Kollmorgen AKM with Drive CLiQ Encoders

Drive CLiQ, Siemens proprietary Ethernet based network system is now available as an option with KOLLMORGEN AKM synchronous servo motors.

Until now substituting a third party motor for a Siemens motor with Drive CLIQ could only be achieved by using special Drive CLiQ sensor modules usually mounted in the control cabinet. This requires additional cabling, space and therefore cost.

Offering great advantages in both cost and performance, AKM motors can now be used as direct replacements for Siemens motors with Drive CLiQ in standard Sinamics and Sinumerik CNC systems.

Save space, time and money, contact Micromech today for a Kollmorgen AKM servo motor with Drive CLiQ.

For further information on AKM motors with Drive CLiQ please call Micromech sales on 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk.

PM Bearings PMMR micro slides. Precision, miniature bearings…Compact, precice, smooth motion from Micromech.

PM Bearings PMMR micro slides. Precision, miniature bearings…Compact, precice, smooth motion from Micromech.

Kollmorgen PMMR

The new PMMR:

High speed, high dynamics, high rigidity and durability as well as limited space are just a few of the challenges faced by todays precision industries. The new PMMR micro slide from PM Bearings pushes boundaries and addresses all of these challenges in the smallest package possible.


PMMR micro slides are ideal for applications demanding:

  • Short stroke lengths
  • Low-friction motion
  • Oscillating motion
  • Precise and accurate motion
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High rigidity

They are typically used in:

  • Medical equipment
  • High speed electronic component manufacture
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Optical devices
  • In “cleanroom” environments
  • Micro-automation


  • Table top, base and cilindrical rollers made of corrosion resistant steel 1.4034, hardened 54 ± 2 HRc.
  • Cage made of stainless steel 304
  • Anti cage creep mechanism included
  • Maximum speed 2 m/s
  • Maximum acceleration 200 m/s2

Custom PMMRs:

PMMRs can be manufactured to your specific application. Custom options include:

  • Microslides with defined push force
  • Additional holes
  • Special lubrication
  • Customer specific design

The PMMR Range:

Kollmorgen PMMR Range

Cdyn = Basic dynamic load rating MI = Longitudinal dynamic moment
For further details or assistance specifying the right PMMR Micro Slide for your application, contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email sales@micromech.co.uk