PM Bearings RTP Piezo Stages from PM Bearings for applications requiring Micro or Nano postioning.

PM Bearings RTP Piezo Stages


RTP Precision Piezo Stages are designed for a wide variety of applications where micro- or nano positioning is required. Standard individual stages can be engineered into single or multi axis systems. RTP stages are powered by Piezo motors and include a Renishaw optical encoder. The standard productline has 3 frame sizes each with 3 different stroke lengths (see table below). The stages can be mounted in various configurations to provide complete solutions.

RTP Stages have tableparts constructed from Aluminium and linear bearings of standard bearing steel with crossed rollers for higher Stiffness.

Optional higher accuracy grades, low-magnetic and ultra high vacuum compatible solutions are also available.

Drivers and Software are available to suit the application.

PM Bearings RTP Piezo Stages

Piezo LEGS motors:

The non-resonant piezoelectric motors used in the RTP stages are manufactured by Swedish company PiezoMotor Uppsala AB.

The motors are based on PiezoMotor’s own technology and have been developed  for precision in the nanometre range.

The motor element inside the device consists of pair of legs that can be elongated as well as bent sideways. By synchronizing the movement of the legs the motor can take steps and walk. Each step is tiny, just a few microns, but by taking several thousand steps per second, speeds up to several centimetres per second can be acheived. Furthermore, each step can be divided into increments down to single nanometre resolution.

As this motor technology is directly driven, gear boxes and lead screws within the system are eliminated providing totally back-lash free motion. Package size is also significantly reduced, making it possible to motorize the smallest of stages.

Piezo LEGS motors are available in different versions, both rotating and linear, including models for vacuum and non-magnetic applications, as well as sizes from a few Newtons to several hundred Newtons in force.

RTP Piezo stage benefits:

  • Can support loads and moments in all directions
  • Customized specifications possible
  • Design with Piezo Legs Motor suited for nano positioning
  • ‘Plug and Play’ System
  • Standard stroke lengths from 10 up to 100 mm (others on request)
  • Cleanroom versions available.
  • Holding force is maintained when de-energised therefore better than linear servo for 2 axis applications.


  • Multiple axis configurations XY-XYZ
  • High accuracy stages with resolution from 10 μm -5nm
  • Low Magnetic stages
  • Ultra High Vacuum
  • Straightness/Flatness : 0.5-2 μm. Pitch/Yaw : <10 μm

For further details or assistance specifying the right RTP stage for your application, contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email

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