Small but powerful!….The new PCMM motion controller from Kollmorgen.

Kollmorgen PCMM
From complete manufacturing lines to small, automated machines, OEMs demand an adaptable controls platform that meets a wide range of requirements.

Kollmorgen’s PCMM™ programmable motion controller is a powerful and cost-effective platform in a small package making it ideal for modular or stand-alone machines that require the maximum in flexibility and performance.

The PCMM motion controller is programmed using the Kollmorgen Automation Suite’s (KAS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and is plug-and-play compatible with Kollmorgen’s wide range of motion control products.

KAS reduces development time with its easy to use programming interface, built in utilities and configuration screens, and single click simulation.

PCMM™ Features and Integration

Hardware Features

  • Up to 1.2GHz CPU provides the performance required for a wide range of machines.
  • Up to 32 axes of synchronized path control and 128 axes of coordinated motion.
  • 100BaseT connection supporting TCP/IP, MODBUS, EthernetIP®, Profinet® to host PLC, computer, or network to easily interface with most manufacturing systems.
  • Cycle times as low as 250 μs
  • Alphanumeric display for fast diagnostics and system troubleshooting.
  • Removable SD memory card for simple backup/restore and file storage.
  • On-board digital I/O with support for expansion I/O via EtherCAT.
  • Compact size reduces cabinet space and cost.

Software Features

  • IEC 61131-3 programmable automation and motion controller.
  • EtherCAT master provides high-performance motion and device synchronization.
  • PipeNetwork™ motion engine for visual programming.
  • Embedded RTOS for reliable performance and stability.
  • Integrated webserver for remote diagnostics and status checking.
  • Ideal design for modular machines and flexible manufacturing systems.

System Integration

  • Seamless integration with Kollmorgen’s AKD® servo drives, AKM® rotary servomotors , AKI® HMIs, and AKT® fieldbus I/O modules for complete automation solution, all available from Micromech.
  • Network communication via OPC, MODBUS, TCP/IP, UDP, and common fieldbus for fast integration into your machine or factory.
  • Intuitive EtherCAT configuration tools built into KAS IDE simplifies network configuration.
  • Integrated Kollmorgen Workbench® for rapid servo tuning and machine optimization.

As a Kollmorgen Gold Partner Micromech is the UK’s number one for supply and support of all Kollmorgen motion and automation products.

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Parker has expanded its excellent standard AC10 and IP66 ranges of variable speed inverter drives

Parker has expanded its excellent standard AC10 and IP66 ranges of variable speed inverter drives. Call Micromech or visit

Parker AC10 Extended

The standard IP20 230v 3 phase range now includes drives up to 15kw and the IP66 range 400v 3 phase includes drives up a massive 90kw.

Benefits of AC10 IP66
The AC10 from Parker features all of the AC10 benefits with added environmental protection. The IP66 enclosure enables indoor or outdoor use.

  • Maximum uptime and productivity by withstanding the most arduous class 3C3 environments
  • Enhanced 0.5% speed accuracy and 5% torque accuracy
  • Extra power when needed with 150% overload for 60 seconds
  • Energy savings of up to 50% for applications such as fan control

The AC10 IP66 is ideal for use in harsh environmental such as wash down areas in food & beverage, waste plants or rooftop units (not in direct sunlight).

Typical applications include mixers, packaging machinery, textile machinery, conveyors, fans and spindles.

For assistance specifying your new AC10/AC10 IP66 or equivalent replacement drive contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email

Alternatively buy on line at