Trinamic ‘PANdrive’™ Stepper motors with onboard drive and controller available from Micromech.

The PANdrive™ range from Trinamic is a complete solution including a high torque stepper motor, a motion controller and stepper driver featuring Trinamics latest technologies for stepper motor control including:

trinamic_pandriveStallGuard2™: Trinamic’s patented stall detection is the world’s first sensorless high-resolution load detection implemented in a standard stepper motor drive. StallGuard2™ provides the ability to detect mechanical overload conditions and stall conditions without external sensors by measuring the load at a predefined point where step loss has not yet occurred. This technology eliminates the need for reference or end switches reducing cost and complexity of applications that require them.

CoolStep™: Sensorless, load dependent current control using the stallGuard2™ feature. CoolStep™ enables a stepper motor to be driven in a energy efficient way. Without CoolStep™, stepper motors are driven with constant current. Trinamic’s new TMC260, TMC261 and TMC262 stepper motor drives detect the actual motor load and adjust the current accordingly. This eliminates the safety current margin and boosts the motor current when required thus avoiding step loss and stalling. Reliability is therefore improved.

SpreadCycle™: Trinamic’s new patent pending constant Toff chopper system. Using the SpreadCycle™ chopper the µstep current sine wave is always well formed with a smooth zero crossing. This allows the stepper motor to be driven at very high speeds without resonance. All the CoolStep™ drivers incorporate this new technology.

PANDrive Stepper Motor Selection

Trinamic PANDrive

For details of the full PANdrive range from Trinamic contact Micromech sales on 01376 333333 or at


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