Discover the benefits of Parker frameless servo motors available from Micromech

Parker has a wide variety of high quality frameless servomotors to suit many applications.

Frameless servomotors are the perfect solution for machine designs requiring high performance in confined spaces.

Supplied in kit form, frameless servomotors can be integrated directly with a mechanical transmission device, eliminating the need for components that add complexity and cost. Using a frameless servomotor will provide a more compact, reliable and robust solution than a conventional motor package.

Parker manufacture five different ranges of products to meet the design requirements of many different mechanical systems in and applications. Other more bespoke solutions can be developed upon request, such as special windings.

Parker Frameless Servo Motors

Benefits of Frameless kit motors include:

  • Higher dynamic stiffness by eliminating the compliance of shaft couplings.
  • Lower costs, increased reliability, and improved performance.
  • Saved space as couplings, motor mounting brackets, and extra bearings found in typical coupled drive construction are no longer required.
  • Direct drive for more accurate and dynamic motion.
  • Simplified machine design.
  • Reduced machine weight.
  • Reduced machine maintenance.
  • Higher inertia mismatches possible.

NK Series:Parker NK Series

NK Series frameless servomotors are an innovative direct drive solution designed for industrial applications.

The combine exceptionally precise motion and high dynamic performance with a compact footprint.

NK motors are suited to applications requiring constant speed due to their low cogging characteristics.

NK motors are available in natural and water cooled versions.

Natural cooling 0.2 – 7.5Kw
Water cooling 3.8 – 34Kw

Max speed:
Natural cooling 8900 min-1
Water cooling 15000 min-1

Torque: Natural cooling 0.45 – 4Nm
Water cooling 3.1 – 90Nm

K Series:

Parker K SeriesK Series frameless servomotors are the ideal solution for
Machines requiring high performance at low

Advantages of the K series include:
Low voltage, compact length, naturally cooled and large hollow shaft.

Power: 0.06 – 2Kw
Max speed: 8900 min-1
Torque: 0.45 – 4Nm

Parker SKWSKW Series:

SKW series motors are compact and highly dynamic permanent magnet synchronous servomotors designed for mono and multi spindle applications up to 21 kW.

SKW motors provide constant torque capabilities over a broad speed range with a small external diameter
The large internal diameter provides increased rigidity and greater capacity bar handling in automatic lathes. The highly accurate speed gives optimum surface finish, short cycle time and longer tool life.

Power: 0.2 – 7.5Kw
Max speed: 12000 min-1
Torque: 4 – 36Nm

Parker HKW SeriesHKW Series:

HKW motors are high performance permanent magnet synchronous servomotors for spindle applications up to 276 kW.

HKW motors use field weakening technology in order to achieve high torque at slow speeds and very high maximum speed at constant power.
The highly accurate speed gives optimum surface finish, short cycle time and longer tool life.

Power: 2.3 – 276Kw
Max speed: 50000 min-1
Torque: 4.5 – 1250Nm

Parker TK SeriesTK Series:

TK Series torque motors are set apart from other motors by their exceptional robustness, making them particularly suited to harsh environments. The TK series can also be delivered as complete subassemblies including frame, cooling system, bearings, feedback sensor, etc.

Advantages of TK motors include: High torque, very large hollow shaft, high corrosion resistance.

Power: Natural cooling 2.8 – 58Kw
Water cooling 7 –207Kw
Max speed: Natural cooling 870 min-1
Water cooling 2500 min-1
Torque: Natural cooling 41 – 10100Nm
Water cooling 90 – 21100Nm


For more information on Parker’s comprehensive range of frameless motors and assistance specifying the ideal frameless kit motor for your application, contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email