AC10 IP66 – The variable AC drive range for challenging environmental conditions from Parker.

AC10 IP66

Parker’s AC10 IP66 drive combines simplicity, reliability in an economical solution to motor control applications where protection from dust and moisture is required. The AC10 can provide speed or torque control within the power range of 0.4 kW to 15 kW.

The AC10 boasts many features normally found on more expensive drives with higher specification including; IP66 protective enclosure, sensorless vector mode, output frequency up to 590 Hz and 3 phase 400 volt supplies. The AC10 IP66 is available in 5 frame sizes and offers the optimal solution for OEM machine builders requiring a compact, economical drive with IP66 rating without compromise to performance.

AC10 IP66 is designed to minimise the time and effort required to install, setup and commission via an easy to use integrated keypad.
The drive is quick and easy to install and doesn’t require a separate enclosure for environmental protection. It also requires minimal wiring made simple via two easily accessed terminal rails.
Once installed, Auto-tuning sensorless vector mode allows users requiring greater dynamic speed or torque control to benefit from the drives enhanced 0.5% speed and 5% torque accuracy.

Tried and tested technology and manufacturing techniques ensure AC10 IP66 has been engineered and built to provide consistent outstanding performance ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.
AC10 IP66 drives are able to withstand the most arduous class 3C3 environments due to the conformally coated PCBs which many other drives in it’s class fail to offer.

Energy savings made simple
By using the AC10 IP66 to match the motor speed to process requirements, energy savings of up to 50% can be made in applications such as fan control. In addition, power factor can be improved, system noise reduced, maintenance periods extended and overall service life increased. AC10 IP66 can be mounted close to the motor, regardless of the environment, saving in cabling costs, space and need for a separate cabinet. Payback time can be as little as a few months, depending on application.


A drive for all environments AC10

  • Robust IP66 rated enclosure.
  • Optional Internal EMC filter allows use in C3 industrial environments.
  • Conformal coating provides protection in tough class 3C3 environments.
  • 50°C operating temperature.

Flexible ConnectivityAC10

  • Assignable digital inputs and outputs, and relay output to suit application needs.
  • Internal dynamic brake switch as standard.
  • Connection to PLC or other Modbus RTU / RS485 network.

More power when required AC10

  • 150 % overload for 1 minute at 0.5Hz provides extra starting torque for moving high inertia loads.
  • Output power can be uprated when operating in lower ambient temperature.


AC10Easy set up and commissioning via the easy to use keypad

  • Standard ergonomic keypad providing full access to all drive functions
  • Simple out of the box operation thanks to integrated macros and quick start guide.

AC10Speed Operation

  • Up to 590Hz output for high speed operations such as spindles, centrifuges, mixers etc.

AC10Customisation Options

  • User customisable option panel for: Isolators.
    Push buttons.

AC10Easy Connection Access

  • Easy user access to connections with removable gland plate.



The IP66 enclosure allows the AC10 IP66 to be used in indoor and outdoor applications where environmental conditions may be harsh, such as wash-down areas in food and beverage facilities and use in waste plants or rooftop units.

Ideal applications for AC10 IP66 include: Mixers.
Packaging Machines.
Textile Machines.

For more information on call Micromech sales on 01376 333333 or Email


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