New encoders from Eltra: EAMH Series of SSI programmable multiturn absolute encoders and EMI 30-M miniaturised incremental encoders.



High resolution industry standard multiturn absolute encoder for factory automation applications.

  • Optical sensor technology (OptoASIC Energy Harvesting)
  • Resolution up to 48 bit (18 bit single turn 30 bit multiturn) programmable
  • Power supply up to 30 VDC with SSI as electronic interface
  • Cable or connector output
  • Solid shaft diameter up to 10 mm
  • Mounting by synchronous, clamping or centering 2,5” square flange

EMI 30 M


Series of miniaturised encoders for fitting on small size AC/DC motors, stepper motors or for applications with limited space.

  • 3 channel encoder (A / B / Z) up to 90 ppr
  • Power supply up to 30 VDC with several electronic interfaces available
  • Cable output, connector available on cable end
  • Compact dimensions (only 23,6 mm height)
  • No wear due to no contact magnetic technology
  • Bore shaft diameter up to 10 mm
  • Wide operating temperature -20° … 100°C (-4° … 212°F)
  • OEM version without cover available

For further information on of these and more high quality Eltra encoders please contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or at


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