Big savings to be made with Kollmorgens AKD-N distributed servo technology.

Kollmorgen AKD-N
AKD-N servo drives from Kollmorgen have been designed to be mounted close to associated motors greatly reducing cabling and cabinet size. The drives come with highly integrated functionality and unrivalled connection technology. AKD-N drives have a robust construction and IP67 protection rating making them ideal for machines requiring washdown or in harsh environments.

It is possible to connect up to AKD-N drives to a common power supply (“AKD-C”) via EtherCAT to reduce system complexity even further, and use the optional fieldbus port to connect remote I/O devices without additional network hubs and long cable runs.

AKD-N offers a complete solution for the next generation of machine
design – helping simplify design and reducing the machine footprint.

  • Multiaxis system, consisting of central power supply AKD-C and up to 16 servo drives
  • Single and dual cable motor/feedback options
  • Rated voltage 400V…480V, 3 phase.
  • Drive available with in two current ratings 3A or 6A
  • Protection class IP67
  • Feedback options SFD, SFD3, Biss C, EnDat 2.1 and 2.2, Hall, Comcoder, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL
  • EtherCAT fieldbus
  • More compact machines thanks to a smaller control system cabinet.
  • Savings in cabinet air conditioning due to reduced drive losses.
  • Faster installation and set up due to significantly reduced cabling.
  • Additional cable savings with single motor cable versions.
  • Maximum degree of freedom in motor selection.
  • Less hardware and reduced cabling through integrated I/O.
  • Compatible with all motors from Kollmorgen with single- or dual-cable connection.
Motor Options

  AKM Servo Motors

  • High torque density
  • High precision and dynamics
  • Product for Europe, US and Asia on site
 AKM Washdown
  • Application with regular cleaning
  • Housing coating is Ecolab-certified
 AKM Washdown Food Servo Motors
AKM Washdown Food Servo Motors
  • For use in the food and beverage industry
  • Protection class IP67, FDA compliant
  AKMH Stainless Steel Motors

  • For the highest hygienic requirements
  • Protection class IP69K
  • Fulfills EHEDG directive
  AKM Gear Washdown Food Gear-Servo Motor

  • Specially for the highest hygienic requirements
  • High efficiency
  • Single-cable connection
  Cartridge DDR Rotary Direct Drives

  • Direct load coupling without gears or belts
  • High precision, low noise generation
  KBM Direct Drives with No Housing

  • Low weight, exceptionally compact
  • Modular system
  • High power density
  • Large dynamics (>10g)
  • Patented anti-cogging design

Please contact our sales department for more information on the AKD-N range of servo drives.


Follow this link for a Kollmorgen AKD-N application success story.

Follow this link for the Kollmorgen AKD-N brochure

01376 333333 or Email


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