Meet the Team – Stephanie Cowie

Meet the Team - StephHi,
I am Stephanie Cowie and have been with the company since the end of May 2017, a relatively short time compared to most.  My role is Accounts Assistant taking over from Gina who had 28 years experience and decided to take a well earned retirement. Rather big shoes to fill but I think I am getting there.  Everyone has been very kind and helpful and it has been surprisingly stress free. I’ll probably regret saying that!

My many years of working experience has been in civil service, local government department as well as private companies.  My roles have varied but have mainly been in an admin/finance capacity. I am married with three children, two still at home and my eldest married with a daughter (2yrs 9mths) living in Sweden.  Our home life is quite hectic with working, school, the dog, the cat, and ailing parents, so not much free time available.  We do enjoy seeing family and friends and holidaying in Scotland and Sweden when the opportunity arises. We are still trying/hoping to find the family link with a well known Whiskey distillery in the well known area of Scotland!.
The photo was taken when my granddaughter was 9 months old.


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