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TPM – Rotary Servo Actuators

More productive – more efficient – more precise

The TPM product range impresses with its dynamics, torque and torsional rigidity. Combined with extremely compact dimensions, high power density with practical graduated performance settings that ensure greater operating efficiency in all your production applications.

The TPM dynamic is ideal for all robotic and automated applications. Whether used as an axle drive on spraying robots, a swivel drive in the production of optical media and semiconductors, in packaging machines, or as a drive for changeover systems in machine tools or wood processing systems,

Wittenstein TPM

Thanks to the TPM high torque, processing machines and swivel axes become significantly more productive. The high torsional rigidity and the ample torque reserve in the case of disturbing forces ensure extremely stable drive control. The reliable servo actuator therefore guarantees dynamics and precision for your (heavy-duty) tasks.

Finally, the compact TPM power drive unit easily copes with highly dynamic linear applications with rack and pinions or spindles as well as in rotary movements with high masses and disturbing forces.

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