The new GALAXIE® from Wittenstein….another new cutting edge product available from Micromech

A brand new motor/gearbox type from Wittenstein. Its unique design enables virtually full surface contact during power transmission.
This means that the compact Galaxie® Drive Systems and gearboxes with hollow shaft provide previously unachievable performance data including:
Wittenstein Galaxie
  • Extremely high torque density
  • High torsional rigidity
  • Smooth running
  • Improved positional accuracy
  • Completely backlash-free operation.

The superiority of the gearbox type is based on three radically new ideas;

  • Dynamic single teeth instead of a gear wheel
  • Surface instead of linear contact
  • Logarithmic spiral tooth geometry

The Wittenstein Galaxie® is perfect for high performance engineering applications.

An ingenious concept in 4 variants and 5 sizes
Galaxie® D
Hollow-shaft compact drive, axially integrated permanently excited synchronous motor with standard sensor systems
Galaxie® DF
Ultra-flat hollow-shaft compact drive, radially integrated permanently excited synchronous motor with standard sensor systems
Galaxie® G
Backlash-free gearbox with optional coaxial planetary input stage and adapter plate for mounting on standard industrial servo motors
Galaxie® GH
Galaxie® Gearbox with hypoid input stage and adapter plate for mounting on standard industrial servo motors.
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State-of-the-art stepper driver with wettable flanks

Trinamic’s monolithic stepper motor driver TMC2202 with integrated MOSFETs allows for optical inspection with its wettable flanks QFN package.

Micromech is pleased to announce the arrival of the new high-performance stepper motor driver IC with improved optical inspection capabilities from Trinamic.

Trinamic - TMC2202“Automatic optical inspection (AOI) after assembly is increasingly important. While proper soldering at QFP type packages can easily be detected with a camera from above, QFN packages typically require X-Ray analysis.”, explains Michael Randt, founder and CEO of Trinamic. By merging the small board space consumption of a leadless package with easily inspectable sides, the TMC2202 is our first component that comes in a wettable flanks package – where the shape of the leads generates a visible solder.”

The TMC2202-WA stepper driver IC can drive motors with up to 1.2A RMS. Like all of Trinamic’s stepper motor drivers, the component offers a step resolution of up to 256 microsteps per full step to achieve perfect sinusoidal control – even in systems with a limited achievable step pulse rate. Further development of Trinamic’s StealthChop technology, which was introduced two years ago, has all but eliminated motor noise at low speeds, making the precise control of stepper motors not only possible, but also affordable for applications in environments that demand absolute silence, e.g. office buildings and residential areas.

Due to the immense popularity of StealthChop technology in 3D print applications, the components have been designed for drop-in compatibility with existing 3D printer electronics. This allows for improved applications without the need for costly redesign.

The TMC2202-WA has a step/direction input for fully autonomous operation, while the easy to use UART interface allows for more tuning and control options. Once the ideal settings are found, these can be stored in OTP memory.

To accelerate the design process, Trinamic offers complete end-to-end evaluation kits. The development boards are open-source hardware and freely available for use as a reference design.

For more information on Trinamic products contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email
Trinamic - TMC2202
The enhanced QFN package with so called wettable flanks allows for automated optical inspection of the solder joints.