The New Kollmorgen AKM2G series range of AC Synchronous Servo Motors – from Micromech

Same performance…..20% less space.

To compliment the existing AKM Range we are pleased to announce the release of the AKM®2G for demanding applications that the standard AKM cannot meet.

  • Smaller footprint helps to reduce machine space
  • Increased torque provides higher performance
  • Wider speed range for faster operation
  • More options provide greater flexibility
  • Higher efficiency due to reduced energy consumption

Kollmorgen AKM2GThe AKM®2G offers 30% more torque per rating than current designs without an increase frame size.

For new machine designs, the AKM®2G motor allows customers to decrease the size, footprint, and complexity of the machine, while still getting the power and performance required.

The compact AKM®2G drops into existing machine designs to increase performance, when compared to other manufactures motors, without increasing the size of the motor.

The AKM®2G features six sizes with performance levels between 0.3 and 10kW. It will offer options such as feedbacks, mounting configurations, and performance capabilities.


  • Greater than 20% average increase in torque density (torque/volume) for highest torque or smallest footprint sizing
  • Six design sizes with performance levels between 0.3 and 10 kW
  • Continuous torques from .651 Nm to 75.2 Nm
  • Frame (mounting flange square) and stack (motor length) combinations with overlapping ratings for optimal motor package sizing
  • Standard winding choices for 120VAC to 480 VAC operation with various speed/torque performance curves
  • Feedback options to match application requirements and drive selection
    – SFD3
    – Hiperface DSL
    – ENDAT 2.2
    – Resolver
    – Others: available soon or on request
  • Connector options (as appropriate for feedback type and motor size)
    – SpeedTec * (standard for single or dual cable designs)
    – Y-Tec (dual connector with single insertion at motor for size 2 motors)
  • System cable options for use with Kollmorgen AKD Servo Drives and the forthcoming AKD2G Servo Drives
    – Single Cable SFD3/Hiperface DSL/ENDAT 2.2
    – Two-Cable Variant For Resolver including ytec connector motors
  • Standard IP65 rating, optional ratings available
    International Standard Mount with choice of smooth shaft or closed keyway. Others options available soon or on request
  • Mechanical holding brake option. Future availability for permanent magnet brake option
  • Thermal sensor options for maximum motor protection and servo drive compatibility
  • Low friction shaft seal options for both wet and dry running applications

* SpeedTec is a trademark of TE Connectivity Ltd

For more information on the AKM®2G Servo Drive or any other Kollmorgen Products contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email



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