New closed-loop, complete mechatronic solution

The PANdrive PD42-x-1370 is a new family of compact, full mechatronic solutions including NEMA 17 / 42mm flange size stepper motors as well as magnetic encoders for position feedback and closed-loop operation.

Trinamic - PD42-1370Trinamic announces their first closed-loop PANdrive. Suited for laboratory automation, manufacturing, robotics, and many more markets, the stepper motor and driver combined form a reliable, easy to use building block for reliable motor and motion control with S-shaped ramping.

“There’s an increasing demand for plug-and-play solutions that don’t require a lot of programming. Combining proven stepper motors with high-end modules into PANdrives offers exactly that – reducing development time and the different components needed for an application.  By adding a closed-loop function to our smart motors, we allow our customers to be in complete control of their state of the art processes,” explains Trinamic’s Founder and CEO Michael Randt.

With a supply voltage of 9 … 28V DC, the PD42-x-1370 product family uses NEMA17 stepper motors with 0.22 – 0.7Nm holding torque. Integrated in the hardware of the PANdrive is also Trinamic’s S-shaped ramp motion controller, ensuring a continuous acceleration resulting in a fluent motion with limited jerk. By calibrating the ramp via the RS485 bus interface, high torque with high velocities can be easily reached. This makes the solution perfect for liquid handling, life sciences, biotechnological applications, and test and measurement equipment.

Besides the S-shaped ramping profile and real-time motion profile calculation, the product supports Trinamic’s SpreadCycle for smart mixed decay, StallGuard2, and CoolStep for automatic current scaling. This, together with on the fly alteration of motor parameters and the optional automated position regulation in hardware, make the PD42-x-1370 a highly versatile, compact solution pushing technology even further.

Features and benefits:

  • Stepper Motor NEMA17 with controller / driver
  • 0.22 – 0.7Nm holding torque
  • 9…28V DC supply voltage
  • Up to 2A RMS motor current
  • RS485 bus interface
  • Integrated S-shaped ramp motion controller in hardware
  • Magnetic encoder IC
  • SpreadCycle, StallGuard2, and CoolStep
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Parker 400XR Series Precision Linear Positioners. When your design demands something better!

Parker 400XR


The “400XR” precision linear positioners range has achieved global recognition for consistent accuracy, reliable performance, high strength, and unmatched versatility.

XR positioners have excelled in industries such as life sciences, fibre optics and instrumentation, where the highest degree of precision is required. And yet, because of the rugged construction, strength, and sealed design, these units have been widely used for industrial automation applications (packaging, automotive, etc).

The XR family offers an unmatched array of features and options making them suitable for a huge range of applications, from the very basic to the highly complex.

Premier performance and modular compatibility have made these tables the perfect building blocks for precision multi-axis systems.

Features and Options

  • High Strength Aluminum Body
    Extruded aluminium housing, precision machined to provide outstanding straightness and flatness.
  • Square Rail Linear Bearing
    Square rail carriage support bearings provide high load carrying capabilities, smooth precise motion and dependable performance.
  • High Efficiency Ballscrew Drive
    Precision ground, or rolled ballscrew (5, 10, 20, 25, 32 mm lead) giving high throughput, efficiency, accuracy and repeatability.
  • Limit/Home Sensors
    Proximity sensors for “end of travel” and “home” location and are easily adjustable over entire length.
  • Motor Mounts
    Adapters for large selection of servo and stepper motor sizes plus selectable mounting configurations (in-line or parallel) allow a wide variety of motor mounting options.
  • IP30 Rated Strip Seals
    An anodized aluminum cover combined with stainless steel strip seals, provide IP30 protection to internal components as well as enhance overall appearance.
  • Encoders
    The linear encoder option provides direct positional feedback of the carriage.
    The rotary shaft encoder option couples directly to the drive shaft to eliminate any mechanical error (particularly useful with the parallel motor mount).
  • Shaft Brake
    The electromagnetic shaft brake option couples directly to the drive screw and is employed primarily on vertical axes to prevent free movement during a power loss.
  • Mounting Slots
    Continuous T-slots along the side of the table body provide a convenient means of mounting the table to a work surface and mounting accessories to the table.
  • Positive Pressure Port
    A standard port (1/8 NPT) for pressurising the interior to prevent particle intrusion.
    (Standard on 404XR, 406XR, 412XR units.)
  • Easy Lube System
    A standard option on some models, enables easy access for ballscrew and bearing lubrication.
  • Clean room preperation
    Class 10 cleanroom preparation is a standard option for the 400XR range

Click here for more details on the Parker 400XR series (Follow link to PDF for detailed specifications…..)

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Why Thomson Stepper Motor Linear Actuators?

stepper_motor_linear_actuatorsFeaturing the new motorized lead screw actuator configuration, these components deliver a high level of design flexibility to designers, translate loads using smooth motion and provide users with quick and easy maintenance access.

Increased Torque Density
Thomson stepper motor linear actuators offer increased torque density over alternative solutions. By optimizing the motor performance and matching this with the ideal lead screw and nut design, Thomson has been able to increase the load capacity by up to 30% while maintaining the same motor footprint.

The Taper-Lock Advantage
The patent-pending Taper-Lock design provides the ability to quickly decouple the lead screw from the stepper motor. The connection is secure, robust, and self-aligning.

Improved Efficiency
Thomson provides a more efficient solution to reduce power consumption, improve operating battery life, and decrease motor footprint. With this improved efficiency, an increase in system load performance or a reduction in power consumption can be expected – all while having a lower cost of ownership.

Reduced Noise
Thomson can optimize your motor configuration and windings to limit motor harmonics and reduce motor noise at your application operating points.

Side Load Capability
Actuator configurations have a unique bushing design that allows the assembly to function well in applications where some radial load exists.

Thomson offers three basic stepper motor linear actuator configurations – rotating screw (MLS), rotating nut (MLN) and actuator (MLA).

  • MLS assemblies actuate by having the motor rotate a lead screw and translate a load that is attached to the lead nut.
  • MLN assemblies actuate by rotating a nut within the motor body. Motion is achieved by constraining the motor and translating a load attached to the lead screw or constraining the lead screw and translating a load attached to the motor.
  • MLAs are a fully housed solution in which the motion is taken care of for you – simply determine stroke length, linear travel per step or revolution, and precision level to select an appropriate model.

Rotating Screw (MLS)


Thomson Rotating Screw MLS

Rotating Screw Configuration (MLS)
The rotating screw design features our patent- pending Taper-Lock design to connect the lead screw to the motor shaft. This design allows for rapid prototyping, field serviceability, and reduced inventory.

Rotating Nut (MLN)

Thomson Rotating Nut MLN
Rotating Nut Configuration (MLN)
The rotating nut design features our patent pending integration of a lead nut into the motor rotor to maximize screw diameter which increases load capacity.

Actuator Configuration (MLA)

Thomson MLA
Actuator Configuration (MLA)
The actuator is a fully housed motorized lead screw with a rotating screw configuration and your choice of end machining. This version simplifies your design process by enabling you to select a product based on linear travel per motor rotation and by including anti-rotation as standard, with no external requirements for guidance.

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Powerful stepper motor servo modules for driving three axes

Both the TMCM-3314 and TMCM-3315 are the most powerful stepper servo module for controlling multiple axes with 6.7A.

Trinamic announces their impressive modules for 2-phase bipolar stepper motors with separate encoder and HOME / STOP inputs for each axis. Ensuring the stepper motors are driven accordingly, the robust stepper motor servo modules carry the potent TMC5160 and the dedicated closed-loop motion controller TMC4361.

Trinamic - TMCM-3314 - TMCM-3315

“Next to time constraints, developers are increasingly limited by budget. As servo drives with gearboxes are not only expensive but also inefficient to use, more and more companies turn towards other solutions. Providing higher torque than servo motors of comparable size at low speeds, stepper motors are cheap alternatives for servo motors with gearboxes. And with the TMCM-3314 and TMCM-3315, you get the efficiency of a servo at the cost of a stepper motor with all the power you need,” clarifies Michael Randt, Founder and CEO of Trinamic Motion Control.

The powerful boards drive three 2-phase bipolar stepper motors up to 6.7A while retaining energy efficiency. Ideal for handling liquids and sensitive goods, the stepper motor servo modules for stepper motors with A/B/N quadrature encoders have S-shaped ramping for precise and fast positioning. Other special Trinamic features, such as the easy to implement CoolStep and StealthChop, allow for silent, sensorless load-dependent current control.

Depending on the application requirements, both the TMCM-3314 and TMCM-3315 are up for the task with the only difference being the supported interface. CAN, RS485 and USB interfaces are supported by the TMCM-3314, while the TMCM-3315 uses EtherCAT™ and USB for communication.

The TMCM-3314 and TMCM-3315 board has dimensions of 280mm x 100mm.

Features and benefits:

  • 3-Axes closed-loop stepper controller / driver
  • Up to 6.7A RMS / 48V DC
  • Encoder / HOME / STOP inputs
  • 4x analog / digital inputs and 4x digital outputs
  • Brake chopper support
  • CAN, RS485, USB (TMCM-3314)
    EtherCAT™, USB (TMCM-3315)
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New: Smaller servo motors with more power from Kollmorgen. Available now from Gold Partner Micromech.

Kollmorgen AKM2G

Micromech is proud to be Kollmorgen’s first UK partner to supply the new AKM second generation servomotor!

“Smaller with more power……An excellent combination enabled us to equip our customers machines for increased productivity and greater flexibility”. Jon Harding

The second generation of AKM2G synchronous servo motors deliver up to 30% more torque, due to Kollmorgen’s expertise in developing and manufacturing compact, efficient motors that are powerful and highly configurable. Kollmorgen has succeeded in significantly reducing the winding losses, which directly improves the already efficient torque/revs ratio of existing AKM servo motors . “The second-generation AKM2G motors offer our partners more power with the same construction footprint,” says Jan Treede, CEO of Kollmorgen Europe.

In September, Kollmorgen hosted a partner event at its Ratingen European headquarters entitled “Together we can do more”. The two-day event offered plenty of room for discussions with other contract partners and provided in-depth technical knowledge about today’s automation solutions as well as the innovations of tomorrow. Partners from Europe and India did not miss the opportunity to gather know-how straight from the source.  “We maintain a close and co-operative relationship with Kollmorgen. In turn, this allows us to provide a first class service and excellent support for our customers”, says Jon Harding.

Kollmorgen AKM2G


Since its founding in 1916, Kollmorgen’s innovative solutions have brought big ideas to life, kept the world safer and improved peoples’ lives. Today, its world-class knowledge of motion systems and components, industry-leading quality, and deep expertise in linking and integrating standard and custom products continually delivers breakthrough solutions that are unmatched in performance, reliability, and ease-of-use. This gives machine builders around the world an irrefutable marketplace advantage and provides their customers with ultimate peace-of-mind. For further information please contact or visit our website
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