Why Thomson Stepper Motor Linear Actuators?

stepper_motor_linear_actuatorsFeaturing the new motorized lead screw actuator configuration, these components deliver a high level of design flexibility to designers, translate loads using smooth motion and provide users with quick and easy maintenance access.

Increased Torque Density
Thomson stepper motor linear actuators offer increased torque density over alternative solutions. By optimizing the motor performance and matching this with the ideal lead screw and nut design, Thomson has been able to increase the load capacity by up to 30% while maintaining the same motor footprint.

The Taper-Lock Advantage
The patent-pending Taper-Lock design provides the ability to quickly decouple the lead screw from the stepper motor. The connection is secure, robust, and self-aligning.

Improved Efficiency
Thomson provides a more efficient solution to reduce power consumption, improve operating battery life, and decrease motor footprint. With this improved efficiency, an increase in system load performance or a reduction in power consumption can be expected – all while having a lower cost of ownership.

Reduced Noise
Thomson can optimize your motor configuration and windings to limit motor harmonics and reduce motor noise at your application operating points.

Side Load Capability
Actuator configurations have a unique bushing design that allows the assembly to function well in applications where some radial load exists.

Thomson offers three basic stepper motor linear actuator configurations – rotating screw (MLS), rotating nut (MLN) and actuator (MLA).

  • MLS assemblies actuate by having the motor rotate a lead screw and translate a load that is attached to the lead nut.
  • MLN assemblies actuate by rotating a nut within the motor body. Motion is achieved by constraining the motor and translating a load attached to the lead screw or constraining the lead screw and translating a load attached to the motor.
  • MLAs are a fully housed solution in which the motion is taken care of for you – simply determine stroke length, linear travel per step or revolution, and precision level to select an appropriate model.

Rotating Screw (MLS)


Thomson Rotating Screw MLS

Rotating Screw Configuration (MLS)
The rotating screw design features our patent- pending Taper-Lock design to connect the lead screw to the motor shaft. This design allows for rapid prototyping, field serviceability, and reduced inventory.

Rotating Nut (MLN)

Thomson Rotating Nut MLN
Rotating Nut Configuration (MLN)
The rotating nut design features our patent pending integration of a lead nut into the motor rotor to maximize screw diameter which increases load capacity.

Actuator Configuration (MLA)

Thomson MLA
Actuator Configuration (MLA)
The actuator is a fully housed motorized lead screw with a rotating screw configuration and your choice of end machining. This version simplifies your design process by enabling you to select a product based on linear travel per motor rotation and by including anti-rotation as standard, with no external requirements for guidance.

For more information on Thomson Stepper Motor Linear Actuators contact sales on 01376 333333 or sales@micromech.co.uk 


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