Parker 400XR Series Precision Linear Positioners. When your design demands something better!

Parker 400XR


The “400XR” precision linear positioners range has achieved global recognition for consistent accuracy, reliable performance, high strength, and unmatched versatility.

XR positioners have excelled in industries such as life sciences, fibre optics and instrumentation, where the highest degree of precision is required. And yet, because of the rugged construction, strength, and sealed design, these units have been widely used for industrial automation applications (packaging, automotive, etc).

The XR family offers an unmatched array of features and options making them suitable for a huge range of applications, from the very basic to the highly complex.

Premier performance and modular compatibility have made these tables the perfect building blocks for precision multi-axis systems.

Features and Options

  • High Strength Aluminum Body
    Extruded aluminium housing, precision machined to provide outstanding straightness and flatness.
  • Square Rail Linear Bearing
    Square rail carriage support bearings provide high load carrying capabilities, smooth precise motion and dependable performance.
  • High Efficiency Ballscrew Drive
    Precision ground, or rolled ballscrew (5, 10, 20, 25, 32 mm lead) giving high throughput, efficiency, accuracy and repeatability.
  • Limit/Home Sensors
    Proximity sensors for “end of travel” and “home” location and are easily adjustable over entire length.
  • Motor Mounts
    Adapters for large selection of servo and stepper motor sizes plus selectable mounting configurations (in-line or parallel) allow a wide variety of motor mounting options.
  • IP30 Rated Strip Seals
    An anodized aluminum cover combined with stainless steel strip seals, provide IP30 protection to internal components as well as enhance overall appearance.
  • Encoders
    The linear encoder option provides direct positional feedback of the carriage.
    The rotary shaft encoder option couples directly to the drive shaft to eliminate any mechanical error (particularly useful with the parallel motor mount).
  • Shaft Brake
    The electromagnetic shaft brake option couples directly to the drive screw and is employed primarily on vertical axes to prevent free movement during a power loss.
  • Mounting Slots
    Continuous T-slots along the side of the table body provide a convenient means of mounting the table to a work surface and mounting accessories to the table.
  • Positive Pressure Port
    A standard port (1/8 NPT) for pressurising the interior to prevent particle intrusion.
    (Standard on 404XR, 406XR, 412XR units.)
  • Easy Lube System
    A standard option on some models, enables easy access for ballscrew and bearing lubrication.
  • Clean room preperation
    Class 10 cleanroom preparation is a standard option for the 400XR range

Click here for more details on the Parker 400XR series (Follow link to PDF for detailed specifications…..)

For further information or assistance specifying the optimum 400XR product for your application contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email 

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