Nippon Pulse acquires Arcus Performax motion controller product line – Now available from Micromech

Nippon is pleased to offer our customers even more quality motion control products with the acquisition of Arcus Technology’s Performax (PMX) motion controllers. This new box controller product line will allow NPA to better serve customers who prefer a more “turnkey” controller solution, or who choose to integrate PMX controllers into applications alongside other Nippon Pulse products.

Nippon - PMX“We’re really excited about the PMX transfer to Nippon Pulse America,” said Christopher Chang, Arcus Technology’s Chief Executive Officer. “NPA will do a good job with new application integrations of this product line, which uses a Nippon Pulse core chip.”

PMX box controllers utilize Nippon Pulse’s PCL6000 series advanced motion controller chips for 4-axis and 2-axis motion. The PMX series also features linear coordinated motion capabilities (as well as circular coordinated motion capabilities for four-axis models). More available functions include trapezoidal or S-curve acceleration, encoder feedback support, on-the-fly speed change, multi-task standalone programming, and analog joystick control, to name just a few. These box controllers are available with USB, RS-485 and Ethernet communication options.

“PMX is an exciting opportunity for customers,” said Paul Denman, Arcus Technology’s Director of Sales and Business Development. “It’s easy to set up and run, and for people to get it going pretty quickly.” 

NPA has taken over sales and support requests for all PMX products. In addition, NPA and Arcus will be working together to simplify the purchasing experience for customer convenience – all Arcus products will now be available for purchase directly from NPA to help reduce the number of vendors needed for acquiring application components.

“We now are able to provide customers with controller options for all of their application needs,” said NPA President Mamoru Takabayashi. “OEM engineers will be able to decide whether they want to build a controller solution from scratch with our chips, integrate a box controller that requires little design work, or some combination of the two with our controller boards.”

For more information on Nippon’s PMX Motion Controller’s or other Nippon products contact our sales team on 01376 333333 or email 


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