New from Trinamic; The TMCM 6212 and 6213 six axis stepper controller and drive module


The TMCM-6212 / TMCM-6213 is a six axis controller/drive module for 2-phase bipolar stepper motors with separate encoder (differential) and HOME / STOP switch inputs for each axis. tmcm-6212/3

CAN, RS485 and USB (Micro-USB) interfaces are available on the TMCM-6212 and EtherCAT™ together with USB (Micro-USB) on the TMCM-6213 for communication.

Furthermore the modules offer four analogue / digital inputs and four digital outputs together with a brake chopper unit (supporting an external regen resistor) for supply voltage limitation when energy is fed back into the supply rail.

Main Characteristics:

Motion controller

  • Motion profile calculation in real-time (supporting linear and sixPoint™ ramps)
  • On the fly alteration of motor parameters (e.g. position, velocity, acceleration)
  • Dedicated HOME STOP switch inputs (internal pull-ups)
  • High performance microcontroller for overall system control and communication protocol handling

Bipolar stepper motor driver

  • Up to 256 microsteps per full step
  • High-efficient operation, low power dissipation
  • Dynamic current control
  • Integrated protection
  • stealthChop™ for quiet operation and smooth motion *
  • dcStep™ feature for load dependent speed control *
  • stallGuard2™ feature for stall detection *
  • coolStep™ feature for reduced power consumption and heat dissipation *


  • TMCM-6212: CAN RS485
  • TMCM-6213: EtherCAT™
  • USB full speed (12Mbit/s) device interface (Micro-USB)
  • Differential encoder input per motor axis (6x)
  • HOME, STOP_L, STOP_R switch inputs with internal pull-ups per motor axis (6x)
  • 4 general purpose analogue inputs (0..10V) or digital inputs (accept 24V signals)
  • 4 general purpose digital outputs (open-drain)


  • TMCL™ remote (direct mode) and standalone operation with memory for up to 1024 TMCL commands
  • TMCM-6212: CANopen firmware available
  • TMCM-6213: CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT™) firmware available

Electrical data

  • Supply voltage: nom. 12V and 24V with 11V … 35V supply voltage operating range
  • Motor current: up to 1.1A RMS (programmable)

Mechanical data

  • Board size: 215mm x 100mm, overall height 21mm max. (incl. pcb but, without mating connectors and cables)
  • 12x M3 mounting holes (optional)

* Unique Trinamic Features

StealthChop™:  Extremely quiet mode of operation for low and medium velocities. It is based on a voltage mode PWM. During standstill and at low velocities, the motor is absolutely noiseless. A StealthChop operated stepper motor is therefore ideal for indoor and domestic applications. Also motor operation is completely free of vibration at low velocities.

StallGuard2™: Trinamic’s patented stall detection is the world’s first sensorless high-resolution load detection implemented in a standard stepper motor drive. StallGuard2™ provides the ability to detect mechanical overload conditions and stall conditions without external sensors by measuring the load at a predefined point where step loss has not yet occurred.  This technology eliminates the need for reference or end switches reducing cost and complexity of applications that require them.

DCStep™:  While most open-loop stepper drives will lose steps in an overload situation, DcStep™ drives will reduce speed in order to overcome resistance. As a result, DcStep™ uniquely maintains position counter integrity.

CoolStep™: Sensorless, load dependent current control using the stallGuard2™ feature. CoolStep™ enables a stepper motor to be driven in a energy efficient way. Without CoolStep™, stepper motors are driven with constant current. Trinamic’s new TMC260, TMC261 and TMC262 stepper motor drives detect the actual motor load and adjust the current accordingly. This eliminates the safety current margin and boosts the motor current when required thus avoiding step loss and stalling. Reliability is therefore improved.

For full details of the TMCM-6212/TMCM-6213  and other exciting products from Trinamic contact Micromech sales on 01376 333333 or at 


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