Motion Control Sales Engineer – Southern Sales Position

Due to growing sales we are seeking to expand our sales team with a Motion Control Sales Engineer.
The ideal candidate will have a background in selling to OEMs and machine builders and have a proven track record of success within Automation market.

An electro/mechanical engineering background would be beneficial.

The applicant will need to be able to:

  • Be a clear and confident communicator
  • Create and build relationships and partnerships
  • Identify customer’s needs and risks
  • Create influence throughout the hierarchy of a customers business and prospective customers business.
  • Have a solid understanding of how to win new customers and create an environment conducive to winning new business.
  • Be a motivated individual: a self-starter and able to work as part of a team.
  • Having a success orientated attitude to the sales process.

Main Duties will include:

  • Identify prospective customers within target markets.
  • Develop and implement a strategy for winning new business on a continual basis.
  • Account management, manage and maintain contact with the assigned current customers, within the TOP programme.
  • Management of technical enquires from internal sales team & supplier leads, including product specification, quotation and securing order.
  • To support, where sensible, your own opportunities with the selection and sizing of products.
  • To, liaise with the applications team for support and the selection of products, where necessary.
  • Ensure regular contact with Micromech employees and participate with weekly and monthly sales activities, reporting on opportunity progress and work load.
  • Use and maintain Micromech CRM system. Maintain internal documentation for recording activity and storing customer data within company processes.
  • Maintaining regular contact with existing & potential customers using CRM system
  • Sales visits to existing customers & prospective target accounts.
  • To attend and take part in appropriate supplier and Micromech training activities.
  • Liaising with suppliers regarding pricing, price negotiation and delivery.
  • Regular following up of quotations & maintaining own opportunities pipeline.
  • Arranging and assisting with road shows and exhibitions
  • Assisting and supporting the sales process with the sales team
  • Attendance to the Micromech site will be required once a month or when required for other work related activities.

If you feel you have experience in most of the above areas, and are keen to join our expanding team, then please email your cv to Jon Harding

Kollmorgen – AKM2G Series – AC Synchronous Servo Motors

To compliment the existing AKM Range we are pleased to announce the release of the AKM®2G for demanding applications that the standard AKM cannot meet.

  • kollmorgen_akm2gSmaller Footprint – reduce machine space
  • Increased Torque – higher performance
  • Wider Speed Range – faster operation
  • Greater Flexibility – more options to match needs
  • Higher Efficiency – reduce energy consumption#

30% more torque per rating than current designs without an increase in installed size.

The new generation of synchronous servo motors, announced at the end of September 2017, initially features six design sizes with performance levels between 0,3 and 10 kW. The AKM2G servo motors are available with different feedback system choices, mounting /shaft options, connector designs, thermal sensor selections, shaft seal options, winding selections for different voltage and /or speed requirements and a brake option. Improved energy efficiency as well as room for more performance with the same installed size.

AKM2G Series PDF


Accelerated Trend Toward Electric Conversions

Once dominated by manual, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, mobile on- and off highway equipment is increasingly equipped with electric actuators to automate many tasks. Electric linear actuators are easier to integrate with modern computer based control systems and are precisely controlled. They consume a smaller footprint and are cleaner than both pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Converting to Electric Immediately Eliminates:

  • the cost and bulk of pumps, valves and hoses.
  • environmentally hazardous oil and leaks.
  • costly hydraulic reliability issues and contamination.
  • the high-energy consumption of pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
  • nuisance start-up failures in cold temperatures.

Easier Installation, Superior Control and Less Complexity

  • Simpler, Smaller and Faster to Install
  • Electric actuation requires fewer components than hydraulic or pneumatic systems for faster and easier installation
  • Component costs are less than in comparable hydraulic or pneumatic systems
  • A smaller footprint simplifies and speeds design

Easier Control, Better Accuracy

  • All-electric components mean easier integration, fewer control components and less complexity
  • Electric actuators react quicker and more predictably, and will not drift when power is off

Lower Energy Costs

  • Electric motors are intrinsically more efficient than pneumatic or hydraulic motors
  • No need to up-size the existing system to account for potential parasitic power draw
  • No power required to hold load-reducing power consumption

Less Maintenance

  • No hydraulic pumps, valves or hoses means reduced downtime with fewer parts to service
    and replace
  • Self-contained units with smart, onboard electronics require zero maintenance, adding design flexibility in component placement
  • Electric actuation eliminates the cost and hassle associated with fluid maintenance

Cleaner, Quieter, Healthier Environment

  • No pumps, fluids, chemicals or solvents translates into a cleaner and quieter workspace
  • A compact design requires fewer materials to be used in production
  • Regional manufacturing and distribution plants minimize freight and reduce the carbon footprint

Yaskawa AC Drives now in stock at Micromech.

We have J1000 and V1000 inverter drives in stock available for FREE next day delivery on selected drives. Please visit our AC drive shop to purchase these inverter drives online.

J1000 Series Features:Yaskawa J1000

  • Open loop V/f control
  • RoHS compliance
  • Dual rating: Normal Duty and Heavy Duty
  • Starting torque of 150% at 3 Hz
  • Side-by-side installation due to patented hybrid heatsink
  • Preferred parameter feature
  • “One-touch” copy function with verify with 5-digit LED keypad
  • Increased vibration resistance, from 20 Hz to 50 Hz (0.65G)
  • 1 in 10,000 failure rate
  • Swing PWM function to decrease noise at low carrier frequencies
  • Pre-maintenance function
  • Modbus communication
  • Reduction in mechanical parts to increase MTBF
  • Cooling fan replacement without tools
  • MTBF: 28 years
  • Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR): 30kA rms symmetrical
  • Built-in dynamic braking transistor


Yaskawa V1000V1000 Series Features:

  • Up to 30% smaller than the competition
  • Current vector control, open loop
  • RoHS compliance
  • On-line tuning
  • Induction motor (IM) or permanent magnet motor (PM) operation
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD) programming via DriveWorksEZ™
  • Side-by-side installation due to patented hybrid heatsink
  • Removable terminal block with parameter backup function*
  • One-touch” copy function with verify
  • Super-fast 2 ms scan cycle with dual CPU
  • EN954-1 Safety Cat. 3, Stop Cat. 0
  • Increased vibration resistance, from 20 Hz to 50 Hz (0.65G)
  • 1 in 10,000 failure rate
  • Swing PWM function to decrease noise at low carrier frequencies
  • Pre-maintenance function
  • Modbus communication
  • Cooling fan replacement without tools
  • MTBF: 28 years
  • Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR): 30kA rms symmetrical
  • Common programming with all other Yaskawa drives
  • DriveWizard software available at no extra cost


For assistance specifying the optimum drive for your application or to check delivery of out stock products contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email

Notice of Parker product discontinuation

Due to component obsolescence Parker is forced to discontinue the following product ranges from 30th June 2019:

XL stepper drive range including associated PSU.
ViX stepper drive and ViX servo range including all ViX accessories and cables.

Please contact sales at Micromech for details on last time buys, product availability and last dispatch dates.

To minimise any disruption this may cause Micromech is able to offer suitable up to date replacement products.

We can supply stepper drives from our RTA range that cover the XL and ViX stepper ranges and Kollmorgen AKD servo drives to replace the ViX servo range.

In addition our engineers can specify the correct drive for your application and assist with updating your software to help make the change as painless as possible.

RTA and Kollmorgen Stepper Drives

For more information on RTA and Kollmorgen products contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or

Electrak HD is the next generation of electric linear actuators from Thomson – Available with Higher Load Capacity and Synchronization Option

Electrak® HD – Smarter, Stronger, Longer

Thomson Electrak HDThe Electrak HD is a new range of electric linear actuators with onboard electronics, eliminating the need for standalone controls. These new higher power actuators are open to a wider range of hydraulic applications for electric conversion. They also meet the most extreme OEM component environmental acceptance tests, including IP69K.

The Electrak HD offers 50% higher load capacity, 60% longer stroke lengths than previous designs and is faster than the competition at comparable loads. In addition the onboard controls boast advanced control features.

Superior Performance

Higher power and longer stroke lengths enable Electrak HD to tackle applications outside the range of other electric linear actuators.

  • Higher load ranges up to 16 kN (3600 lbs.) are ideal for hydraulic-to-electric conversion applications
  • Stroke lengths up to 1 m (39 in.) for models up to 10 kN / 500 mm (20 in.) for 16 Kn
  • Efficient actuator design, including a high-quality ball screw, reduces current draw by up to 20%

Unrivaled Environmental Protection

Electrak HD is tested to meet and exceed the toughest OEM mechanical and electronic component acceptance tests on the market today.

  • IP69K (static), IP67 (static) and IP66 (dynamic) ratings prove Electrak HD can withstand the harshest environments
  • Capable of operating in a wide temperature range from -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
  • Salt spray tested for 500 hours
  • CE, RoHS and REACH (EU) compliant
  • Rated for IP-X6 (dynamic) during water splash at 10°C ( 50°F) and an equalized actuator temperature of 85°C ( 185°F)
For more information on Thomson products contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or