The new Yaskawa GA500 Microdrive Inverter

Compact, flexible in terms of motor type and connectivity.  Designed to make life easier. From drive selection, through design, installation, start up or troubleshooting, the GA500 Yaskawa GA500makes life easy.  The drive comes with valuable functions and smart features to provide benefits through the whole life cycle of a machine or installation.

  • Embedded braking chopper
  • Temperature controlled fans
  • Built-in EMC filter for easy compliance with global standards and simplified machine design by a reduced number of parts
  • 24 VDC power input for controller

From simple parameter editing through Setup Wizard with an 8 channel fully featured oscilloscope.

The GA500 is easy to operate it comes with built-in functions and new services for a simple, quick startup and troubleshooting.

  • Built-in Setup Wizard for guided parameter setup without manuals
  • Tactile keypad with multi-lingual graphical display, auto-backup, real-time clock, copy function and data logger, optional Bluetooth
  • DriveWizard Mobile smartphone app for drive setup, monitoring, guided trouble shooting with connection to Yaskawa Drive Cloud service for data backup and online documentation
  • GA500 can be programmed without any power supply connected, even while the drive is still in the box. Simply plug into one of your PC’s USB ports or any USB on-the-go device, start programming and enjoy the ease of commissioning.

Install and forget – The GA500 AC drives are reliable and designed for a hassle free long time operation in any application.

  • GA500 can be operated in a 60 °C hot environment and up to 4000 m altitude
  • Making the drive robust against dust and mist, the PCBs are coated
  • 10 years of maintenance free operation
  • Built-in functional safety features, EMC filter, DC choke,  braking chopper and more to save space and cost for external components while improving the application reliability

For more information on the Yaskawa GA500 or any other products contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email 

Available soon from Micromech – Combo Unit R-MOD ET A3H2MA


  • RTA - R-MOD ETNew series of stepper motors with integrated ministep bipolar chopper drives; setting by means of EtherCAT interface and based on battery less multi-turn absolute encoder.
  • Compact system housed in a metallic box mounted on motor body, minimizing dimensions and optimizing wiring and mounting easiness.
  • Target: advanced applications with distributed electronics requiring compact dimensions and ensuring perfect integration in complex EtherCAT architectures.


  • Communication by means of EtherCAT (CoE) interface.
  • Modes of operation: PROFILE POSITION and CSP.
  • Different variety of HOMING operation modes.
  • TOUCH PROBE hardware input.
  • Motor current overboost.
  • Intelligent management of the current profile.
  • Battery less multi-turn absolute encoder


  • Range of operating voltage: 24-48 VDC.
  • Protections:
    – Protection against under-voltage and over-voltage.
    – Protection against a short-circuit at motor outputs.
    – Overtemperature protection.
  • Electronic damping facility for further acoustic noise and mechanic vibrations reduction.
  • Command to execute runs with position control to set: distance, direction, speed and acceleration.
  • Command to execute zero research (HOMING).
  • Possibility to detect motor loss of synchronism or stall and position error by means of battery less multi-turn absolute encoder.

For more information on the RTA R-MOD ET or any other products contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email 

The high-efficiency PFL20 is Nippon’s smallest linear actuator yet

Nippon Pulse is excited to introduce its smallest linear stepper motor yet, the PFL20 Linearstep. The PFL20 is a highly efficient, high thrust tin-can linear actuator with a 20mm diameter and a bipolar winding.

Nippon PFL20PFL20 is RoHS-compliant, has a 30/60mm effective stroke, and can reach 6 N of force at 200 pps. With 24 steps per revolution, the lead screw has a 1.2mm thread pitch; the PFL20 also reaches 5V rated voltage, resistance of 33 Ohms/phase and inductance of 12mH/phase. The datasheet with additional specifications can be found here.

The simple structure of Linearstep motors – just a threaded rotor hub and lead screw – helps to save space and reduce costs, due to fewer components needed compared to systems that convert rotary motion to linear. Linearstep motors are also easy to control, and can be ordered with unipolar or bipolar windings and a variety of usable voltages. In addition to the 20mm motor size, this motor is also available in 25mm (captive or non-captive option) and 35mm diameter sizes.

Nippon Pulse’s tin-can linear actuators, including the Linearstep, are also available for customization; contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email