AKM2G Low Voltage Servo Motor from Kollmorgen

In response to increasing demand for AKM2G motors in low voltage applications, Kollmorgen has added the AKM2G low voltage version to the standard AKM2G portfolio. The launch of AKM2G Low Voltage in July 2019, focused on Size 3 Connector version, is the first release in the AKM2G Low Voltage development roadmap. More low voltage variants will be released in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Kollmorgen AKM2G Low VoltageThe AKM and AKM2G Low Voltage servo motors are designed for high-performance, demanding dynamic applications which require 24-96 VDC bus input.

Derived from existing AKM and AKM2G electromagnetics, these Low Voltage windings have been hand selected by Kollmorgen engineering to offer a more optimized solution for axes with Low Voltage power input requirements.

AKM2G Low Voltage variants are available with the same wide range of configurable options and features, plus OEM-specific Co-engineered solutions, as offered in the larger AKM family.


  • AKM variants rated for 24-48 Vdc: Three design sizes with Stall torque range 0.18 to 1.25 Nm, and motor speeds up to 4500 RPM.
  • AKM2G variants rated for 24-96 Vdc: One design size with Stall torque range 1.73 to 3.83 Nm, and motor speeds up to 8000 RPM.
  • CE Compliant / UL-Recognized (U.S & Canada)
  • Identical motor construction, design features and benefits as base AKM and AKM2G servo motor series.

For details of the full Kollmorgen range email sales@micromech.co.uk or for technical help call 01376 333333.

The use of this news article and images came with permission from Kollmorgen.

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