The new Parker HLR high load rodless linear actuators are available from Micromech Now!

Parker HLR


The HLR is a linear actuator specially designed for the use in high quantity OEMs applications. This is a belt driven / linear guideway equipped actuator offering a very high load capacity at an extreme small form factor.
Its compact outside dimensions and stroke capabilities makes it ideal for a wide variety of standard applications.
With its technical data the HLR family fits to the most popular requirements in industrial applications. Combined with a wide choice of accessories it offers a very quick and easy way to build multi-axis solutions The predefined drive train simplifies the sizing and selection process and reduces the development time.

Parker HLR


  • Two available sizes, 070 and 080 with compact outside dimensions of 69 x 64 mm and 82 x 76.5 mm respectively.
  • Strokes of 2500 for 070 and 3500 for 080
  • Rigid aluminum extruded profile, ideal for self-supporting solutions
  • High load capacity up to 3847 N (based on a theoretical lifetime of 8.000 km)
  • Motor can be mounted on four sides
  • Last generation linear guide and timing belt provides minimal noise emission
  • Stainless steel cover for the use in harsh environments
  • Easily accessible lubrication bore for reduced maintenance effort
  • High accuracy straight movement over the complete stroke for building up reliable multi axis solutions
  • High repeatability for highest application demands.
  • RoHS compliant

Parker HLRTechnical Overview:

  • Belt drive
  • Travel per rev: 105mm 070 and 125 080
  • High thrust force up to 900 N
  • Max load 3847N
  • Max thrust force: 500N 070 and 900N 080
  • Acceleration up to 50 m/s2
  • Velocity up to 5 m/s
  • Repeatability – 0.05mm
  • IP rating IP40

Pareker HLRMarkets:

  • Factory Automation
  • Machine Tools
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical


Click here for more details on the Parker HLR series (Follow link to PDF for detailed specifications…..)

For further information or assistance specifying the optimum HLR product for your application contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email


Licensing for these images came with permission from the Parker Hannifin Media Manager collection.
Article reposted with Parker Hannifin’s permission.

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