Warner Linear H-Track Actuators – More Power in Less Space

Thomson - Warner Linear H-Track ActuatorsDesigned for use in extreme applications requiring high load capacity in a small footprint. 
The H-Track provides the performance of hydraulics without the expansive space requirements nor the prohibitive cost of full-sized hydraulic systems.
The H-Track is a robust electric actuator solution with a force up to 4800 lbs (21350 N) and travel speeds near 4 inches (100 mm) per second. The H-Track family feature the smallest mounting envelope in their class with a patented valve and reservoir design that provides significant space savings compared to competitive models.
The completely sealed H-Track models are weather-proof, dust tight, corrosive resistant, and IP67 static (temporary submersion) and IP69K (high pressure wash-down) tested. The H-Track features three different hydraulic fluid options that allow the units to operate in temperatures as low as -40 °F (-40 °C) to as high as 180 °F (82 °C), making the H-Track an ideal option for use in demanding conditions. With stroke lengths up to 16 inches (406 mm), end switch options, and multiple configurations available, the H-Track is an exciting new addition to the actuator market.
Warner Linear H-Track Actuators
Warner Linear H-Track Actuators

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