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We are pleased to announce that Micromech’s Systems division is now certified as UL listed.


UL ListedMicromech’s Systems division has been designing and building bespoke motion control systems for 27 years. To expand the wide range of services already offered we have been through the process of becoming a UL Listed industrial control panel builder.

This allows us to build and label control panels to UL508a which is suitable for export to the USA and Canada.

Please contact our Systems Director, Mick Stone on
01376 333314 or for more details on this service and how we may able to help you.

UL Listed

AC10 IP66 – The variable AC drive range for challenging environmental conditions from Parker.

AC10 IP66

Parker’s AC10 IP66 drive combines simplicity, reliability in an economical solution to motor control applications where protection from dust and moisture is required. The AC10 can provide speed or torque control within the power range of 0.4 kW to 15 kW.

The AC10 boasts many features normally found on more expensive drives with higher specification including; IP66 protective enclosure, sensorless vector mode, output frequency up to 590 Hz and 3 phase 400 volt supplies. The AC10 IP66 is available in 5 frame sizes and offers the optimal solution for OEM machine builders requiring a compact, economical drive with IP66 rating without compromise to performance.

AC10 IP66 is designed to minimise the time and effort required to install, setup and commission via an easy to use integrated keypad.
The drive is quick and easy to install and doesn’t require a separate enclosure for environmental protection. It also requires minimal wiring made simple via two easily accessed terminal rails.
Once installed, Auto-tuning sensorless vector mode allows users requiring greater dynamic speed or torque control to benefit from the drives enhanced 0.5% speed and 5% torque accuracy.

Tried and tested technology and manufacturing techniques ensure AC10 IP66 has been engineered and built to provide consistent outstanding performance ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.
AC10 IP66 drives are able to withstand the most arduous class 3C3 environments due to the conformally coated PCBs which many other drives in it’s class fail to offer.

Energy savings made simple
By using the AC10 IP66 to match the motor speed to process requirements, energy savings of up to 50% can be made in applications such as fan control. In addition, power factor can be improved, system noise reduced, maintenance periods extended and overall service life increased. AC10 IP66 can be mounted close to the motor, regardless of the environment, saving in cabling costs, space and need for a separate cabinet. Payback time can be as little as a few months, depending on application.


A drive for all environments AC10

  • Robust IP66 rated enclosure.
  • Optional Internal EMC filter allows use in C3 industrial environments.
  • Conformal coating provides protection in tough class 3C3 environments.
  • 50°C operating temperature.

Flexible ConnectivityAC10

  • Assignable digital inputs and outputs, and relay output to suit application needs.
  • Internal dynamic brake switch as standard.
  • Connection to PLC or other Modbus RTU / RS485 network.

More power when required AC10

  • 150 % overload for 1 minute at 0.5Hz provides extra starting torque for moving high inertia loads.
  • Output power can be uprated when operating in lower ambient temperature.


AC10Easy set up and commissioning via the easy to use keypad

  • Standard ergonomic keypad providing full access to all drive functions
  • Simple out of the box operation thanks to integrated macros and quick start guide.

AC10Speed Operation

  • Up to 590Hz output for high speed operations such as spindles, centrifuges, mixers etc.

AC10Customisation Options

  • User customisable option panel for: Isolators.
    Push buttons.

AC10Easy Connection Access

  • Easy user access to connections with removable gland plate.



The IP66 enclosure allows the AC10 IP66 to be used in indoor and outdoor applications where environmental conditions may be harsh, such as wash-down areas in food and beverage facilities and use in waste plants or rooftop units.

Ideal applications for AC10 IP66 include: Mixers.
Packaging Machines.
Textile Machines.

For more information on call Micromech sales on 01376 333333 or Email

Don’t let programming your servo drives give you a headache……Make life easy….choose Kollmorgen AKD

News Flash!

Don’t let programming your servo drives give you a headache……Make life easy….choose Kollmorgen AKD with ‘Workbench’ software and save on paracetamols as well as programming costs!

Kollmorgen AKD

The Kollmorgen AKD range of servo drives deliver cutting edge technology and performance. Don’t however overlook the many benefits of the excellent Kollmorgen ‘Workbench’ platform which makes these drives the obvious choice for ease of integration, programming and therefore cost reductions.


Optimized performance in seconds

  • Greater throughput and accuracy
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for faster commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Flexible and scalable to meet any application

Kollmorgen AKD


Professional oscilloscope

  • Realtime with pre-trigger, 6 channels,
  • 10,000 support points, Zoom function




Kollmorgen AKDBode plot function

  • Machine analysis in minutes,
  • Provides highly effective support for
    mechanical designs.




Ethernet TCP / IPKollmorgen AKD

  • Remote maintenance
  • Monitoring / parameter setting / operation via the company network
  • High speed
  • Multiple axes displayed




Patented auto-tuning algorithmsKollmorgen AKD

  • Fast tuning for all applications / feedback / motor combinations
  • Enables high productivity from the start
  • Fast time-to-market for new projects



Motor scaling Kollmorgen AKD

  • Clear user friendly motor scaling
  • Intuitive graphics





  • Easy to use intuitive help screen

If you think ‘Workbench’ could make life easier for you call Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email

Discover the benefits of Parker frameless servo motors available from Micromech

Parker has a wide variety of high quality frameless servomotors to suit many applications.

Frameless servomotors are the perfect solution for machine designs requiring high performance in confined spaces.

Supplied in kit form, frameless servomotors can be integrated directly with a mechanical transmission device, eliminating the need for components that add complexity and cost. Using a frameless servomotor will provide a more compact, reliable and robust solution than a conventional motor package.

Parker manufacture five different ranges of products to meet the design requirements of many different mechanical systems in and applications. Other more bespoke solutions can be developed upon request, such as special windings.

Parker Frameless Servo Motors

Benefits of Frameless kit motors include:

  • Higher dynamic stiffness by eliminating the compliance of shaft couplings.
  • Lower costs, increased reliability, and improved performance.
  • Saved space as couplings, motor mounting brackets, and extra bearings found in typical coupled drive construction are no longer required.
  • Direct drive for more accurate and dynamic motion.
  • Simplified machine design.
  • Reduced machine weight.
  • Reduced machine maintenance.
  • Higher inertia mismatches possible.

NK Series:Parker NK Series

NK Series frameless servomotors are an innovative direct drive solution designed for industrial applications.

The combine exceptionally precise motion and high dynamic performance with a compact footprint.

NK motors are suited to applications requiring constant speed due to their low cogging characteristics.

NK motors are available in natural and water cooled versions.

Natural cooling 0.2 – 7.5Kw
Water cooling 3.8 – 34Kw

Max speed:
Natural cooling 8900 min-1
Water cooling 15000 min-1

Torque: Natural cooling 0.45 – 4Nm
Water cooling 3.1 – 90Nm

K Series:

Parker K SeriesK Series frameless servomotors are the ideal solution for
Machines requiring high performance at low

Advantages of the K series include:
Low voltage, compact length, naturally cooled and large hollow shaft.

Power: 0.06 – 2Kw
Max speed: 8900 min-1
Torque: 0.45 – 4Nm

Parker SKWSKW Series:

SKW series motors are compact and highly dynamic permanent magnet synchronous servomotors designed for mono and multi spindle applications up to 21 kW.

SKW motors provide constant torque capabilities over a broad speed range with a small external diameter
The large internal diameter provides increased rigidity and greater capacity bar handling in automatic lathes. The highly accurate speed gives optimum surface finish, short cycle time and longer tool life.

Power: 0.2 – 7.5Kw
Max speed: 12000 min-1
Torque: 4 – 36Nm

Parker HKW SeriesHKW Series:

HKW motors are high performance permanent magnet synchronous servomotors for spindle applications up to 276 kW.

HKW motors use field weakening technology in order to achieve high torque at slow speeds and very high maximum speed at constant power.
The highly accurate speed gives optimum surface finish, short cycle time and longer tool life.

Power: 2.3 – 276Kw
Max speed: 50000 min-1
Torque: 4.5 – 1250Nm

Parker TK SeriesTK Series:

TK Series torque motors are set apart from other motors by their exceptional robustness, making them particularly suited to harsh environments. The TK series can also be delivered as complete subassemblies including frame, cooling system, bearings, feedback sensor, etc.

Advantages of TK motors include: High torque, very large hollow shaft, high corrosion resistance.

Power: Natural cooling 2.8 – 58Kw
Water cooling 7 –207Kw
Max speed: Natural cooling 870 min-1
Water cooling 2500 min-1
Torque: Natural cooling 41 – 10100Nm
Water cooling 90 – 21100Nm


For more information on Parker’s comprehensive range of frameless motors and assistance specifying the ideal frameless kit motor for your application, contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email

Trio Motion Technology launch the MC664, MC664-X and MC508; Three new high performance controllers now available from Micromech.

Trio Motion - MC664, MC664-X and MC508


MC664 (Single Core Processor) and MC664-X (Quad core Processor)

Trio’s MC664 and MC664-X are its highest performance and most flexible Motion Co-ordinators to date, based on a powerful single or Quad Core Cortex A9 1GHz ARM processor.


Features and benefits overview:

  • Single or quad core formats available.
  • Up to 128 axes in software with up to 64 motor axes and 64 bit integer position registers
  • 64 bit floating point calculations are used for ultra precise axis resolution. (Quad Core version)
  • Dedicated Communications Core (Quad Core version)
  • EtherCAT, Sercos, SLM and RTEX Digital Drive Interfaces
  • EnDAT, BISS and SSI Absolute Encoder Supported
  • Hardware Linked Outputs for Camera / Laser Control
  • Ethernet-IP / Modbus TCP / Ethernet Interface Built-In
  • Anybus-CC Module for Flexible Factory Comms Including ProfiNet/Profibus
  • Expansion modules provide support for up to 64 networked digital drives, 24 analogue servo drives, 25 pulse and direction drives and 25 absolute and incremental encoders.
  • Axes can be programmed to move using linear, circular or helical or spherical interpolation, electronic cams, linked axes and gearboxes.
  • Quad core 1GHz processing power allows for simultaneous running of multiple robotic transformations (Quad Core version)
  • Built-in Ethernet port allowing connection and direct programming of common HMI and PLC protocols.
  • User programs can be written in Trio’s established multi-tasking TrioBASIC language using the powerful Motion Perfect application development software making complex motion easy.
  • An option for the industry standard IEC 61131-3 languages is available allowing a fully functional PLC programming system.
  • Bright easy to read backlit display enables the controller status to be easily determined.
  • Single piece metal cast backplate provides an integrated earth chassis to improve noise immunity in the industrial environment.
  • RoHS and CE Approved


The MC664-X (P862) Quad Core Motion Coordinator comes with 2 built-in EtherCAT axes. These can be upgraded with the purchase of P914 Remote Axis FECs (Feature enable codes) making MC664-X ideal for high axis count machines and robotic applications.

Each P914 doubles the available axes:
MC664-X + 1 x P914 = 4 Remote Axes
MC664-X + 2 x P914 = 8 Remote Axes
MC664-X + 3 x P914 = 16 Remote Axes
…..Up to…..
MC664-X + 6 x P914= 128 Remote Axes

The quad core 1GHz processing power allows for multiple robotic transformations to run simultaneously.

The MC664 (P861) Single Core Motion Coordinator is a direct replacement for its predecessor the MC464. The MC664 has a built-in EtherCAT port but no axes are enabled by default.
Axis expansion modules feature many options for Drive Network interfaces, analogue servo, pulse/direction, absolute or incremental feedback and accurate hardware registration.

The controller’s functionality and connectivity can be configured by attaching up to 7 half-height expansion modules or 3 full-height expansion modules. Axes are activated using the FEC system, which allows the controller to be configured to suit the application exactly.

Trio MC508



Trio’s MC508 is a high specification Motion Coordinator based on a high performance ARM Cortex A9 800 Mhz Processor, with eight Voltage outputs and eight flexible axis ports, configurable for up to sixteen pulse and direction output axes or eight closed loop servo axes.

It boasts 128 MBytes of RAM; 32 of which is available for user programs and user table space.

Features and benefits overview:

  • Advanced 8 Axis Closed Loop Servo / 16 Axis Pulse Direction
  • Total of 32 Digital Inputs and 16 Digital Outputs
  • EnDAT, BiSS and SSI Absolute Encoder Supported
  • Axes can be programmed to move using linear, circular, helical or spherical interpolation, electronic cams, linked axes and gearboxes
  • Flexible CAM shapes, Linked Motion
  • Hardware Linked Outputs for Camera / Laser Control
  • Ethernet-IP / Modbus TCP / Ethernet Interface
  • Industry standard IEC 61131-3 languages allowing a fully functional PLC programming system
  • Multi-tasking BASIC Programming
  • Text File Handling
  • Robotic Transformations
  • SD Memory Card Slot
  • CANopen I/O Expansion
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • RoHS, UL and CE Approved
  • Bright easy to read backlit display enables the controller status to be easily determined.
  • Single piece metal cast backplate provides an integrated earth chassis to improve noise immunity in the industrial environment.

The flexible axis MDR type connectors allow single cable connection to the drive. 3m MDR cables can be purchased separately (P382). Each port can be configured in software as a feedback device or a pulse direction output. Pulse and direction outputs can be used with stepper or servo drives or as a simulated encoder output. When configured as a feedback device they can be either incremental encoder inputs or one of four common absolute encoder types; SSI, BiSS, Tamagawa or Endat. All feedback axes can be used to form a closed loop servo with a voltage output.

The Ethernet port allows connection and programming of common HMI and PLC protocols.

User programs can be written in Trio’s multi-tasking TrioBASIC language using the powerful Motion Perfect v4 application development software making complex motion easy.

The MC508 is available in 2 different axis configurations. Both models feature a total of 32 axes in software. Any axes not assigned to built-in hardware can be used as a virtual axis.

For further information on Trio Motion Technology products please call Trio’s number one distributor and technical expert ‘Micromech’ on 01376 333333 or Email

Pick the right Parker Electro Thrust cylinder for your application:

The new Parker Electro Thrust Cylinder (ETH) is now available from Micromech, Parker’s premier systems integration partner.

Parker ETH

The new Parker ETH is a product that closes the gap between pneumatic and hydraulic drive technology – offering a replacement that increases reliability and is more economical.

The new High Force Electro Thrust Cylinder (ETH) has unrivalled power density and is compact. Micromech can also supply a complimentary range of controllers, motors and gearboxes.

Features and benefits:

  • High service life
  • Unrivalled power density – high forces and small frame sizes
  • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to lubricating access in the cylinder flange
  • Easy replacement due to pneumatic ISO flange norm (DIN ISO 15552:2005-12) conformity
  • Integrated anti-rotation device
  • Reduced noise emission
  • Cabling can be concealed in the profile
  • Accessories with integrated force sensors help to distribute and precisely control linear forces.
  • Optimised for safe handling and simple cleaning
  • One stop shop: We offer the complete drive train: Drive, controller, motor and gearbox to match the Electro Thrust Cylinder

Please follow the link below for Parker’s on line sizing tool which provides an easy step-by-step method for selecting the right ETH cylinder for the job. Alternatively contact Micromech to discuss your application with one of our experienced engineers who will be happy to size a cylinder for you and provide a competitive quotation.

Online Sizing Tool

Parker ETH

ETH Product Video

ETH Product Overview

Download CAD files for ETH

For assistance in specifying the correct ETH cylinder for your application, contact Micromech sales on 01376 333333 or at