SP and TP low backlash planetary gearheads

Higher output torques and maximum speeds with a larger range of ratios – these are the essential improvements featured in the new SP plus and TP plus low-backlash planetary gearboxes from Wittenstein.
The gearboxes offer increased power density which enables optimal utilisation of the motor’s capacity and hence even more dynamic processes. The outcome is shorter machine cycle times and higher productivity. What’s more, the expected life can now be taken into account for the first time when designing the gearboxes. This customising option helps Wittenstein stand out from the market standard and creates a unique selling point for the SP plus and TP plus planetary gearheads.

Advanced Linear Systems with SP plus and TP plus planetary gearboxes are adequate for mid-range to high requirements. They are excellent value for money and can also be combined with the High Torque and High Speed gearhead variants.

All linear systems with a rack and pinion have been completely re-engineered and made adaptable to each customer’s specific requirements in terms of smooth running, positioning accuracy and feed forces. Thanks to the new linear systems, Wittenstein now provides solutions for all axes. Preferred linear systems – available for all classes and with different output ratings – speed up the selection process and are always comprised of a gearhead, rack, pinion and lubrication system in an ideal combination. Preferred linear systems can be configured with INIRA® – the simple, fast and efficient assembly option for racks and with Cymex® 5, the sizing software, configuring the linear systems is even easier.

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New from R.T.A – HI-MOD ETS Combo Unit


  • New series of stepper motors with integrated ministepping bipolar chopper drives.
  • Set up via EtherCAT interface and STO function based on incremental or multi-turn absolute encoder.
  • Compact drive housed in a metallic box mounted on motor body, minimizing dimensions and making wiring and mounting simple.
  • Suited to advanced applications requiring the detection of loss of motor synchronisation over Ether CAT.
  • UL/CSA certified.


  • STO [SIL3] function.
  • Error Detection Monitor.
  • Communication by means of EtherCAT (CoE) interface.
  • Modes of operation: PROFILE POSITION and CSP.
  • Different variety of HOMING operation modes.
  • PROXIMITY hardware input.

 Technical Features

  • Range of operating voltage: 32-75 VDC
  • Protections:
    Under and over voltage.
    Short-circuit at motor inputs.
    Over temperature.
  • Electronic damping facility for further acoustic noise and mechanical vibrations reduction.
  • Command to execute runs with position control to set distance, direction, speed and acceleration.
  • Home command.
  • Loss of synchronisation detection or stall and position error by means of Incremental Encoder or Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder.
  • UL/CSA certified.

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New addition to the Eltra range: a new type of linear sensor:

TMAA, the magnetic linear sensor becomes absolute!

Eltra - TMAAAdding to our ETMA Magnetic Incremental Linear Sensors, EPL Absolute Linear Potentiometers and EMS Absolute Linear Magnetostrictive Transducers is the new absolute TMAA Absolute Magnetic Linear Sensor that matches high-performance resolution to a high grade of protection. The device guarantees a resolution up to 0.001 mm and IP 67 protection, which makes it suitable for applications in particularly difficult environments such that of marble or glass machining works and washing systems.

The absolute magnetic linear sensor uses contactless technology, eliminating friction and wear and facilitating positioning, with SSI or BiSS digital output and additional analogue 1 V pp signal, and an advancement speed of up to 5 m/s.
The TMAA is housed in a box weighing only 150 grams.

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